Bad-Boy Designer Tom Ford Welcomes Bouncing Baby Boy

Tom Ford has adopted a new role in addition to that of designer, filmmaker and provocateur: The 51-year-old and his partner, fashion editor Richard Buckley, announced the birth of their son, Alexander, today. Ford and Buckley have been together since 1986.

Congratulations to the proud papas—that is going to be one well-dressed tot!

Source: Out.com 

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  • niles

    Congrats, I’m sure he’ll be spoiled rotten, however, your post seems to imply that he was adopted.

  • Katbox

    I had no idea that Tom Ford is in a relationship with such an old man. When this kid graduates from high school Richard is going to be (if still alive) 82! That’s insane.
    Doubt they’ve been monogamous for 26 years though. :)

  • miniskull

    I wonder how this child would grow up with such “superficial” parents (it’s a bit inappropriate, but that’s how I think of most high-fashion people). I find Tom Ford a bit paranoid, vain and neat-freak. I would like to see his and his partner’s face when they have to see baby’s diapers, vomit and food everywhere in their meticulous home.

  • Katbox

    @miniskull: Um. They’re rich. They’ll probably have three stay at home nannies in each of their homes, so they’ll probably never have to change let alone see a diaper. They’ll take him out, take some pictures, send him off to the nannies, and ask for him back every birthday and holiday.

  • Erick

    @Katbox: Such and Old man? They are only 13 apart and have been together for 26 years. when they met Tom was 25 and Richard 38. So I dont really your comment. BTW Richard Buckley had Cancer and thats why he might look older than 64. I hate the obsessions with age in our community.

  • MikeE

    @Erick: and of course, it probably doesn’t help that Tom Ford is supernaturally good-looking… he and I are the same age, I doubt I compare in any way shape or form. I’m happy for the couple, and proud to see them together still after so many years. He may work in the fashion industry, but he seems grounded enough to have a solid long-term relationship.

  • Fitz

    Erick: age is a valid comment in this case. It’s not about being hot/not, it’s about being able to provide primary parenting to a child. Yea, they got plenty of money and friends.. but I really think it’s a selfish vanity project for ANY (regardless of sexuality or income level) 56 y/o to become a parent. It’s just not fair to the kid.

  • MartinDK

    I guess these old guys made sure their son has no mother. Its disgusting to put a child into the world in such a way. They will be 70 and 82 when he is 18. Sure he inherits money, but money is not everything. Theres a real risk they could die of cancer even before that time, and then there will be no mother for him. They treat a child as if it was a dog or a doll… Disgusting

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