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Bad Boy Model Bobby Creighton Is Sweet And Sexy Underneath It All

_DSC7673Up-and-coming underwear brand Mandies is modeled by the inked and beefy Bobby Creighton in this photo shoot by Armando Adajar. With tattoos covering his muscles and a baseball cap turned backwards, Bobby’s looking like the quintessential bad boy — at first. Run your eyes across those abs and you find pairs of Mandies underwear. With bright colors and borderline sexy designs, they bring the cute to the model’s edgy appeal.

Bobby doesn’t look so rugged in the sexy Flying Chairs Brief. The bright, white pair is designed with cut outs – provocative touches inviting enough to soften Bobby’s macho exterior. Things get even lighter though with the salmon-colored Hammer Brief. In that pair, Bobby’s attitude is more akin to a cute dog with a loud bark than a “bad boy.”

If that edgy sex appeal gets you week in the knees, the Mandies Target Boxer keeps Bobby’s masculinity in check, and on display. It may look like the most reserved pair from the shoot. But what you can’t see (sadly) is the sheer panel that exposes the wearer’s — in this case, Bobby’s —  back side.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Armando Adajar