Bad Break: Drag Legend Jackie Beat Needs A Double Hip Replacement!

jackie-beat2I guess it’s that tragic combination of running around in high heels for over 20 years, being fat for many of those years, and the fact that my mom smoked filterless Pall Malls and drank vodka stingers while she was pregnant with me! Thanks, Mom!

It’s a sad commentary that one of America’s most beloved rodeo clowns doesn’t have medical insurance. I have tried to get insurance many times, but have always been denied coverage. When Cedars Sinai Hospital told me that the operating room would be $117,000 I almost dropped the phone. That doesn’t even include the surgeon or the guy who knocks you out!”

—Drag legend Jackie Beat, on her upcoming double-hip replacement, in Next magazine. Joan Rivers, Lady Bunny, Debbie Harry, Rosanne Barr and Parker Posey appeared at March 3 benefit to raise funds for Beat’s surgery. Donations can be made on Beat’s GiveForward page.