Bad Break: Drag Legend Jackie Beat Needs A Double Hip Replacement!

jackie-beat2I guess it’s that tragic combination of running around in high heels for over 20 years, being fat for many of those years, and the fact that my mom smoked filterless Pall Malls and drank vodka stingers while she was pregnant with me! Thanks, Mom!

It’s a sad commentary that one of America’s most beloved rodeo clowns doesn’t have medical insurance. I have tried to get insurance many times, but have always been denied coverage. When Cedars Sinai Hospital told me that the operating room would be $117,000 I almost dropped the phone. That doesn’t even include the surgeon or the guy who knocks you out!”

—Drag legend Jackie Beat, on her upcoming double-hip replacement, in Next magazine. Joan Rivers, Lady Bunny, Debbie Harry, Rosanne Barr and Parker Posey appeared at March 3 benefit to raise funds for Beat’s surgery. Donations can be made on Beat’s GiveForward page.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    When Cedars Sinai Hospital told me that the operating room would be $117,000

    Holy shit. How can a hospital justify that cost?

  • QJ201

    not to be crass, but is the surgery needed ASAP…because with more parts of Healthcare reform kicking in in 2014 she can’t be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    She’s had since 2010 to enroll in a high risk pool, currently serving 100K people. Of course it’s going to be closed off from enrollment because the government always thinks it knows more than people actually IN AN INDUSTRY, and they can’t fund it anymore. Since when does the government do anything RIGHT? But we’re going to give them our entire lives vis a vis healthcare for a few people who will NEVER take responsibility or for apathetic citizens who can’t be bothered to support real change. Like tort reform or interstate insurance instead of being forced to buy within our state of residency.

    Meanwhle, it’s already scheduled so I doubt she’s paying full price or flat broke. They don’t give you two hips without that discussion taking place. She also said: “But they offer cash patients without insurance a 75 percent discount.” (That’s a major problem in itself.)

    It’s a DOUBLE hip replacement. The range is 10K to 125K depending on the hosp and patient. She already raised 30K. Interesting she’s bashing Cedars Sinai, a NON PROFIT, serving the people most in need and the community at large as per their mission statement, also known as hosp to the stars. And the obvious, no shade but she’s had 20 years by her own account to save some money for surgery and mitigate some symptoms etc.

    Meanwhile, Obamacare will not fix healthcare, it’s just another insurance scheme intentionally leading to single payer. NO tort reform etc was addressed especially by Obama and his lawyer and insurance company and drug company supporters.

    Young people will do just like she did. Ignore purchasing mandated insurance until they NEED IT. Ignore medical problems until they’re unavoidable. Do NOTHING to help themselves. And those of us who do will be subsidizing those who make other choices in their lives. Resulting in Single Payer, decreased quality of care for EVERYONE except those who can afford concierge care.

    People will continue to be/come here illegally and get free health care paid for by us, including maternity, in exchange for votes.

    But hey it’s all good she’s gonna have the best – she’s not shopping around for a better price or anything apparently. Thanks to charity which is so funny because that’s the way it’s always been before the government decided to fundamentally change America.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    No. There’s been a high risk pool since 2010. She didn’t sign up. Now it’s closing down due to funding. I guess free birth control was more important. /sarc 2012 nonsense

    But how is it that she has to QUICK get surgery BEFORE OBamacare kicks in? I thought it was this fabulous accomplishment???

    Somebody better tell Dear Leader.

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