Bad, Funny Medicine For The Gays

The gay debates rage hard in Jamaica, where Prime Minister Bruce Golding recently insisted he would never include a queer in his cabinet. Well, the public has been getting all sorts of hot and bothered on the same-sex subject. First we had a gay telling Golding to liven up his government with the lavender set, and now we have – well, something

As a nation we are frothing with indignation that we are being forced to bend at the waist to accommodate the homosexual lifestyles.

We have our own social codes, but little does anyone know that we also have the perfect deterrent and punishment. For those lesbian women and gay men, our society should make mandatory the punishment by enforced consumption of large quantities of Scotch bonnet peppers.

This will cause severe burning at both the North and South poles (I try, like Oscar Wilde, to be delicate). The effects will be obvious and inflammatory and act as well as a deterrent.

So, who wants to come over this weekend and give this theory a go? We’ll supply the toilet paper. And, yes, we’re joking, just like whoever wrote this missive – we hope they’re joking, at least…