From bad to worse

More bad news for revenge pornographer/disgraced GOP state Rep. Nick Sauer

Things aren’t looking great for former GOP state Rep. Nick Sauer of Illinois.

Last week, Sauer found himself at the center of a PR nightmare after his ex-girlfriend accused him of using her nude photos to create a fake Instagram account in order to “catfish” other guys into having “graphic conversations of a sexual nature”.

Now, that PR nightmare has turned into an official, full-fledged government investigation.

On Sunday, the State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim confirmed that the special investigations division within his office is officially handling the case.

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Sauer’s ex-girlfriend originally filed her complaints with the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois legislative inspector general’s office.

“We have the investigation,” Nerheim told media. “We are coordinating with Chicago police.”

Sauer, a first-term Republican representing the 51st District in central Lake County who was currently up for re-election, resigned in disgrace last Wednesday just hours after Politico published the original bombshell report.

“After speaking with my family, I feel it best to step away from my public responsibilities,” Sauer’s resignation letter stated.

Nerheim would not say whether investigators have interviewed Sauer or his ex-girlfriend yet. He added that there is no specific time frame for the investigation, which means it could last for a while.

Since resigning last week, Sauer has gone into hiding. He deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts and set his Instagram page to private.

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h/t: Daily Herald