Bad Seeds: The Seven Worst LGBT People Of 2014

The all-knowing Urban Dictionary defines a “bad seed” as “somebody with a genetic predisposition for bad behavior (and is potentially a bad influence on others).”

While we like to think of LGBT folks as a community of honest and caring individuals with hearts of pure 24K gold, and while that’s generally true, every now and then a gay person comes along looking to stir up trouble.

This year we saw no shortage of liars, stalkers, rapists, and cheats.

Here are the seven worst gays of 2014.


Jamie Kuntz

The 20-year-old college footballer was accused of stalking his 71-year-old ex-boyfriend, billionaire music magnate David Geffen, in December. His behavior included following, harassing and making a “credible threat” against Geffen sometime between September and November, as well as violating the terms of a restraining order. His lawyer, David Wohl, insists Kuntz is “not a stalker.” He’s just 20 years old and “misunderstood.”


Matt Moore

In February 2013, ex-gay activist Matt Moore was outed for having a Grindr profile. ““Basically I just wanted to see who was on it and who was around me. I can honestly say that I didn’t have any kind of sexual conversations with anyone,” he said at the time. After that, he laid low for a while, until November of this year when The Christian Institute, an antigay hate group based in the U.K., published a blog post by him titled “Why my love for Jesus means I refuse to identify as ‘gay'” encouraging gay people to let go of their “sinful natures.”

Like creating Grindr profiles, Matt?

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 2.26.10 PM

Mark Wixey

43-year-old Mark Wixey made international headlines in November after making false rape claims against four different U.K. men, leading to a slew of police investigations and one of the accused victims becoming so distraught that he attempted suicide. During a court appearance, a judge called Wixey a deeply “troubled” man before sentencing him to six years behind bars.


Parker Molloy

The blogger and “activist” caused quite a stir this year when she accused RuPaul — yes, RuPaul — of being transphobic in an angry op-ed published by The Advocate followed by an unprovoked hate tweet that read: “I fucking hate @RuPaul. Like… there really very are few people I truly hate. He is one of them.” If that wasn’t bad enough, later in the year Molloy lashed out at trans writer Kelsie Jones, telling her to “cut yourself…stupid cunt…drink bleach…die in a fire,” earning herself a spot on the Trans Violence Tracking Portal, a website dedicated to “collecting data on anti-transgender violence in order to protect the transgender community in real time.”


Michael Egan

The 31-year-old former child model falsely accused film director Bryan Singer and others of molesting him when he was a teenager. Singer vehemently denied the allegations, which were eventually found to be completely bogus, but not before he was forced to drop out of the X-Men: Days of Future Past promo campaign to deal with the fallout.

In December, Egan once again found himself in the legal hot seat when he was indicted on securities and wire fraud charges.


Rex Allen Murphy

The 30-year-old youth pastor from rural Kentucky was arrested after being accused of raping a 16-year-old boy he met in the Sunday school class he taught. Murphy allegedly told the boy he came from “a family of warlocks” and threatened to use his “warlock powers” to kill him if he told. Murphy later confessed to police that he was using his “powers” to “cure” the boy of his “battle with homosexuality because he, too, had experimented with homosexuality.”

A woman looks at her email on a computer

David Antonio Galvan

In an act of nasty revenge, 38-year-old David Galvan allegedly hacked into his ex-boyfriend’s work email over the summer and sent provocative pictures of the science instructor to 250 of his students and colleagues. As a result, he was charged with one felony count each of false impersonation and identity theft in November. If convicted, he will face a possible maximum penalty of six years and two months behind bars.

Moral of the story: Change your passwords after a breakup.

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