Bad Sports: Russia Bans LGBT Pride House At 2014 Olympic Games

Today, gay-rights advocates in London protested the ban on a Pride House event at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Amassing at the Kensington Garden exhibit on Sochi, protestors picketed the Russian Ministry of Justice’s decision to block what would be an LGBT haven at the Games.

Pride Houses have been a part of the Olympics since the 2010 Winter Games in Vancover, offering services and hospitality to LGBT athletes, their families and spectators—as well as special events, exhibits and talks. “This is part of an official crackdown on LGBT communities and visibility in Russia. It is an attack on freedom of expression and association. said noted activist Peter Tatchell. “This ban is contrary to the equality and non-discrimination provisions of the Olympic Charter.”

The ban was upheld in Russian courts recently, with judgeSvetlana Mordovina saying a Pride House was “propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation” that could incite “social-religious hatred.”

No, apparently that’s what the Russian court system is for.

Photo: spcbrass