(Bad) Words…

“Many homosexuals and their sex partners may sincerely believe they can be good parents. But children are not guinea pigs for grand social experiments in redefining marriage, and should not be placed in settings that are unsuitable for raising children.” – Family Research Council’s Timothy Dailey on just one of the “facts” that “counterfeit” same-sex marriage should be opposed. He also discusses “serial promiscuity” among the gays. [FRC]

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  • CondeNasty

    There are so many things wrong with that statement. Has he ever seen an episode of Cops or Nanny 911? Children have been placed in “unsuitable” heterosexual environments since the dawn of time due to the randomness of natural selection. I am applying for a job transfer to London this election will seal that deal.

  • Brian

    Whenever I hear these people talk about how bad gays would be at parenting or how promiscuous we all are, I’m reminded of a (paraphrased) quote of Stephen Colbert:

    Why bother citing evidence to support your opinion when it’s so much easier to just say it?

  • Kari b

    It seems to me that gays are adopting children that nobody else wants, therefore providing a great service to society. They give these kids loving stable homes. It is a decision not taken lightly. And it can be quite difficult to adopt. Gay parents may be better parents because they know how not to raise their kids. If these people truly cared about THE CHILDREN then they would shut the fuck up.

  • Doug

    How the hell could gays do any worse than straights? And, Sarah Palin, anyone? There’s a great example of straight parenting for ya. Anytime I leave the house it takes less than 5 minutes for me to run into a pathetic example of poor straight parenting. If we were to take away all these children from their useless parents we would have millions of orphans.

  • Roy Pyatt

    60% of married men and 40% of married women will cheat on their spouse good old family values at work.
    BTW in countries were gay marriage is allowed nationwide divorce rates are lower than those in USA

  • B Nesbitt

    As a young gay guy, who is a youth worker, and would like to adopt some day, this really saddens me, I don’t think kids need a male and female role model as parents, they just need good role models in their life.

    “Many homosexuals and their sex partners” sex partners?? to me that sounds like ‘f*ck buddies’ and that’s plain disrespectful!

    “counterfeit,” how? I really don’t get it, just an extreme example of hetronormativity?

    I was reading http://www.channel4.com/health/microsites/0-9/4health/sex/lgb_effects.html , and it quotes, then tears apart this-
    ‘Non-heterosexual couples lack the stable relationships that marriage guarantees. They lack the necessary balance of male and female role models. They threaten the sexual development and identities of children. Children are in danger of becoming little more than commodities, and their interests subordinated to the selfish desires of adults.’

    Silly me for forgetting how stable marriages are, with their guarantees (your guess is as good as mine), and how are parents the only role models in a child’s life, It would be of greater benefit to children to be in a loving environment, than not, period. In this stable environment they will no doubt have a number of male, and female role models, in foster-care they might have a number of role models, but I believe stability is important.

    how is the desire to have kids, or care for children any different for same sex couples than hetro couples? Same sex couples don’t have the ability to just have children, I’m sure a lot of thought goes into adopting, fostering, ect, by same-sex couples, It’s not a decision that can be taken lightly, so suggesting that this will lead to children becoming little more than commodities, who’s interests are put aside by same-sex couples is offensive, and is a real kick in the face to same-sex couples.

    Oh well I think the best way to prove them wrong is to continue bringing up children well, and giving them a good life. Well done gay parents! :)

  • greybat

    The truly sad thing is there are far more children in the foster system than will ever be adopted by families willing to take them in.
    When they are eighteen they are dumped on the street with no survival skills or job training.
    The prettier ones are scooped up by pimps for a brief life of prostitution, the rest are homeless, and most don’t last very long.
    Still, some christians seem to think it’s better than being brought up by two queers.

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