Bahama’s Top Judge Says Courts Will Address Marriage Equality

bahamasSir Michael Barnett, the Chief Justice of the Bahamas, says he has “no doubt” his country’s courts will soon address same-sex marriage.

Bennett also opined that the island nation’s links to the U.S play a part in why the issue may come to a head: “Our respective countries both have written constitutions that protect our human rights,” he said at a Bar Association luncheon on Friday. “Our citizens and visitors look to us, the justices of court, to protect these rights. Little justice is served by reinventing the wheel. Our task as justices is helped by looking to our colleagues of different countries to see how they have considered and dealt with the problems.”

The Anglican Bishop of the Bahamas, Laish Boyd, recently stated that anti-discrimination laws protecting the LGBT community should be added to the country’s constitution.


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