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Bahrain Arrests 127 Gays At ‘Depraved’ Party

Charged with participating in a “depraved and decadent” party, 127 men have been detained by Bahraini officials after an “undercover agent paid the 20 dinar entrance fee and was allowed into the hall where he saw dozens of cross-dressers drinking and smoking shishas.” Organizers of the event, who were also arrested, rented out a sports hall and attracted a crowd of 18-30-year-old gays from all over the Arabian Gulf. Supposedly neighbors heard noise from the party and called the cops to complain. When the undercover agent — WHO WOULD NEVER BE FOUND IN A DISGUSTING PLACE LIKE THIS OTHERWISE — spotted the scene, he radioed for backup, and the paddywagons arrived. While sodomy isn’t illegal in Bahrain, being immoral essentially is.