Bailing on ENDA Will Protect Children from ‘Weirdos’ and ‘She-Males’

The Washington Times, the newspaper of progressive punch bagging, used the terms “weirdos” and “she-males” to describe transgender people in its weekend attack on ENDA. Naturally, GLAAD is all sorts of upset, which is completely understandable, but c’mon, you’ve got to appreciate any editorial that kicks off like this: “First-graders should not be forced into the classrooms of teachers undergoing sex changes. Religious broadcasters and faith-based summer camps should not be forced to hire cross-dressers. Women should not be forced to share bathrooms with people with male body parts who say they want to be females. Yet those are some of the likely results if Congress passes H.R. 3017, the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which is due for a vote this week by the House Education and Labor Committee.”

For the record, the Times doesn’t appear to be attacking ENDA’s protection for sexual orientation, just gender identity. So can we count this as half-sies support?