Bananarama’s Back


We have written enough about middle aged pop tarts making comebacks decades after their first records. So relax. This post has nothing to do with Madonna, Annie, Kate, or Cyndi.

There was one band in the 1980’s that had the gayest name, gayest videos, and gayest songs. And no, we are not talking about Pet Shop Boys. Remember Bananarama? Well, we heard a rumor, the girls are back.

Now a duo (Siobhan Fahey left in 1988 to form Shakespeare’s Sister and then go solo), Bananarama are still making bubblegum pop and camp dance floor stompers. And we love them for this. Sometimes you just get in the mood for meaningless pop. Bananarama may be the only band that makes Madonna appear deep.

And that’s a complement. Their shit is bananas. Drama is released this month.