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Bangladeshis Offer to Screw In Front of Aussie Immigration … Anti-Gay Parade in Taipai

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• The great lengths sexual refugees will go for safety: “Two gay men from Bangladesh who offered to have sex before Australian immigration officials to prove their sexuality will appeal their case for protection visas for the fourth time in 10 years. The men, who cannot be named, told The Daily Telegraph they feared being killed if their latest bid for refugee status is refused at a hearing later this month.”

• Can HIV infections be fought by testing and treating an entire community at a time?

• Everything you want to know about activists and accused embezzler couple Phyllis Stevens and Marla Stevens can be found by — of course! — reading their old blog posts.

• Dr. George Abela, the president of Malta (that island nation between Europe and Africa), tells the International Lesbian and Gay Association Europe, repeats calls for acceptance of sexual minorities and ending discrimination.


• Taiwanese activists are looking forward to next week’s Gay Pride Parade in Taipai, especially after this week’s anti-gay parade led by religious conservatives. Which the gays also marched against.

• As Maine and Washington let voters decide on gay rights Nov. 3, what other interesting things will those states be deciding?

• A not so unimportant fact from a profile of Regent/Here Media: “Here Media is a publicly held – but delisted and unprofitable – company owned primarily by [Stephen] Jarchow and his longtime business partner, Paul Colichman, 49, who lives in Los Angeles.”

• High school parents want a Las Vegas court to halt the debuts of Rent and The Laramie Project, since allowing the shows to go on would mean their kids in drama club would have to take part.

• Atlanta’s Pride Committee insists Dani Lee Harris, the city police department’s gay liaison, remain co-grand marshal, despite, you know, the police department’s Eagle bar raid. This has some people angry!

• Joy Behar, who defends the gays more than some gays do, goes after Joe The Plumber for his opinion on those queers.

• Scientology’s French branch convicted of fraud, but won’t be banned from the country.

Snapshot: Six months after Iowa legalized gay marriage.