Banned “Anti-Gay” Toon Exhumed!

Thank gawd for the internet! Not only does this wonder world wide web keep food on our table, but it also allows controversial videos to live on until the end of time. Case in point: this “Dial M For Monkey” clip.

The toon, a “backup” segment on Dexter’s Laboratory, came under fire after airing an episode featuring an exceptionally feminine character by the name of “Silver Spooner.” How feminine? Well, he doesn’t zoom around space, but, rather, swishes, a fact made evident by big glittery letters when he flies away from the scene of a condiment crime.

Confused? Just watch the clip and it will all make sense, including why the Cartoon Network yanked the clip from the episode’s repeats.

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  • Jody Foos

    This reminds me of the extremely homophobic Matt Lappin and his gang.

  • fredo777


    As if it weren’t obvious enough, the Judy Garland line really drove it home.


    “Silver Spooner”- No Comment.

  • Cujo

    Thank god crap like this does not stay on the air. Fuck a gay cartoon!

  • Gregoire

    I can see why somebody might be offended, but I thought it was a pretty funny parody of Marvel’s most pretentious superhero. It wouldn’t be so bad if not for the really limp wrists.

  • Dom

    I’m still pissed that Nickelodeon cancelled The Angry Beavers – the funniest cartoon show in the history of the universe.

  • Snoodle

    Offensive, yes. But still a decent parody overall. I did love Dexter’s Laboratory :p

  • boy6221

    Why is this offensive? It’s a cartoon character exaggerated like all the others in this show. If this is a portrayal of a character who is gay in a silly children’s cartoon, why are you so offended? There are heterosexual villains in cartoons you know.

  • badlydrawnbear

    did the pull it because of silver spooner or because of “stoner” the snowman, drunk grunk, or captain glory(hole)?

    I never watched dexter’s but I always thought it was a kids show and this “backdoor” (whoops I mean backup) segment belongs on SNL not on kiddie show … but otherwise it was funny

  • fredo777

    Boy6221, it’s not about the villain being gay, but the extremely “sissified” stereotype of a gay character, right down to the stuck-up demeanor, the obsession with Judy Garland, + the “swish”ing from place to place.

    I can take a joke, but, cartoon or not, this was over the top.

  • Progression

    This is nothing compared to what is shown on Family Guy and American Guy. The Silver Spooner has a voice that reminds me of Jim Carrey.

  • Hz

    I’m offended by the Tiki Torch character because he said “Poo poo platter” as his only line! And Krunk is a mockery of mentally challenged people everywhere! *Fart*

    Sheesh, there are real problems in the world. This cartoon, while not one of the best “Dial M for Monkey” episodes I’ve seen, is still pretty funny! I mean, he totally gagged him with a spoon at the end!!!! People need to grow a damn sense of humor.

  • Hz

    Oh, and by the way… Censorship is wrong.

  • green day

    I remember seeing this when i was a kid!

  • turi

    I am more offended by the disproportionate sizes.

  • Puddy Katz

    They all seemed gay to me! I thought it was some sort of big mo and lezzie party.

  • l

    How is this more offensive than a Will & Grace episode?

  • fredo777

    Hz, fuck censorship. This just wasn’t cute.

    L, it’s more offensive b/c in W + G, we’re laughing with relatable femme characters like Jack (or Mark on Ugly Betty), not at some cartoonish ‘mo.

  • ridwah

    Or how is this more offensive than Queer Duck?

  • Hz

    Fredo777: You would have us believe you have never seen someone as nelly as that guy in real life? I call shenanigans! Here in Fort Lauderdale, you don’t need to go far to find a “cartoonish ‘mo” like the Silver Spooner. Or to find one that is silver, head to toe. (Aaaand, possibly doing something or other with a spoon.)

    Censorship, in my opinion, is a much, much bigger crime than some exaggerated nelly cartoon character. There are those who would have this web site removed from the Internet because of how “offensive” they find it. Would that be OK with you? I’ll assume ‘no’.

    And to L: I for one, think Will and Grace is an apt comparison.

  • Hz

    Ooooh…. I just clicked ‘Submit’, then was showing the cartoon to my boyfriend when a wave of anger hit me….

    How dare anyone call this an “Anti-gay” cartoon! There are REAL anti-gay issues out there! Nowhere in this thing do they condemn homosexuality! This was clearly a run for comments and we all fell for it! Fie on this site!!!! :-P’

  • JJH

    This was funny and should in no way be censored!!

    The cartoon mocks pompous, macho superheroes just as much as it does the gay character. Would you censor “South Park” too??

    Jeez, if you can’t take a joke, do not watch cartoons.

  • Coke

    Who complained? Gay folk or conservatives? because this kind of thing could have been panned by both, or we can all let it go as the obvious and easy joke that it is.

    Ever seen the villain character on PowerPuff Girls who looks like Satan and is very feminine?

    Even “I” think he’s scary. :)

  • Joel

    Anyone seen those idiotic christist videos starring “Bibleman”? Several of the bad guys there are decidedly swishy, too. Personally, I’m more upset that these videos (which are supposed to be teaching morals) always link gay with evil for kids. “Dexter’s Lab” isn’t sanctioned as educational by someone in authority…”Bibleman” is, and that makes it far more dangerous. (Can’t seem to find any decent YouTubed episodes…)

  • fredo777

    Hz, I’m so tired of hearing the “censorship” or “freedom of speech” argument whenever you call someone on some bullshit that you disagree with.

    Btw, re-read my comments + you’ll notice I never said anything to the effect that really effeminate gays don’t exist. That wasn’t my point.

  • fredo777

    * Having re-read my last post, my tone came across as a bit abrasive.

    That wasn’t really my intention, but I do get a little frustrated over the whole censorship “thang”.

  • Hz

    Fredo777: But you see, I really feel that this is a free-speech issue (albeit a tiny, tiny one.)

    It sets a tone for bigger fish. From the comments, it seems there are those who think the homo caricature is amusing, or at least inoffensive. Meanwhile there are those who do think the opposite. Yay. People have an opinion about something. Rare these days. But where do we go from here?

    1) I don’t find it offensive, you do. I watch it, you don’t.

    2) I don’t find it offensive, you do. No one gets to watch it.

    Which sounds more reasonable to you? Which sounds a little unfair.

    And as my later comments indicated, I’m a little upset with the propagandizing going on here: People are labeling this cartoon “Anti-gay” when few-to-none of the typical “anti-gay” activities are going on in it. Is the homosexual lifestyle being condemned? No. Is it even mentioned? No.

    Howsabout we choose our battles a little more carefully, and get our chuckles where we can.

  • fredo777

    I don’t see this as a battle, but an expression of one’s opinion. And, believe it or not, I can take a joke (even a gay one). I just didn’t find this particular one funny or good-natured. That’s what it boils down to.

    If you want to call it anti-gay, fine. If not, that’s also fine. That’s just a matter of semantics, really. I don’t think it was coming from a good place, which is my real issue with it.

  • My Other Car's the Tardis

    I dunno–this fag thought the clip was pretty funny. C’mon, folks: don’t we have bigger fish to fry?

  • Jorge

    In Latam it was aired several times, they’ll put anything on TV here, well except two men kissing, that’ll be gross…

  • Raven

    Guys, seriously. Maybe it was in bad taste but why is it that gay characters can’t be bad guys too? I’ve met a few evil queens in my time that would make great villains….lol

  • Shayne

    I am a gay man, and this does not offend me. I am all for equal right but the gay community seems to have a very thin skin. There were not homophobic comments in the clip just a “gay villian”. My question: If it was a gay superhero (good guy) who acted the same way would we still be offended.

  • fredo777

    Shayne, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t think it matters much whether the character is a villain, hero, or space-filler. I just didn’t find the whole “bit” funny.

  • Shayne

    Fredo777, I agree with you as well it wasn’t funny at all. I am just wondering is the gay comunity losing its sense of humor.

  • fredo777

    I don’t think it’s losing its sense of humor, generally speaking.

  • =]

    He’s very feminine….So? God dammit, grow up. They used the ‘gay man’ stereotype….Seriously, so what? Hell, the main character of this show is just one big walking stereotype! Nerdy kid, not good at sports, socially awkward, physically unattractive, thick glasses, ect. Why is it worst to stereotype a sexuality rather then a social status? Why should we think we’re so damn special?

    No one was attacking the gay community, that is obvious. I highly doubt anyone pitched this idea with the thought “I’m gonna piss off a lot of fags today” bopping in the back of their head somewhere. I saw no condemning of the homosexual life style. I saw no queers being burnt. Hell, they didn’t even say the dude was gay, nor did they say that there was something wrong with the way he was acting. It was a parody, nothing more. The gay community has to stop being so damn sensitive about everything. What is this? Just because homosexuals are the minority, that means all portrayals of gay men and women must be positive and they must be non-stereotypical, or all the queens out there get to play ‘Thought Police’? So much for free speech.

    And this may be beside the point, but what does this say about men who really *are* overtly feminine? Don’t tell me they don’t exists, because I’ve dated one once. Are they bad queers? Should they be ashamed of themselves? Is there something so wrong with them that they can’t be parodied?

    Learn to laugh at yourself. For the love of God, learn to laugh at yourself.

  • Eric Hempill

    Why do a lot of gay men like Judy Garland?


    There. You have been schooled.

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