PHOTO: Supermodel Bar Refaeli Stands Up For Transgender Rights…At A Urinal


Arizona may have  taken a proverbial dump on civil rights with its discriminatory anti-trans bathroom law, but Bar Refaeli is happy that transgender people can pee freely in her native Israel. The  biological supermodel/woman was in town for Tel Aviv Pride, when she decided to take a symbolic whiz for equality.

Refaeli posted the photo across her various social media channels with the caption, “Gay, lesbians, bisexual, transgender ALL EQUAL TLV #gayweek.” The photo was removed from Instagram, however, no doubt in violation of its policies, of which Madonna and her drunken breasts have run afoul in the recent past.

One of the most progressive countries in terms of LGBT protections, Israel still does not recognize same-sex marriage, except those performed abroad. However, its laws do provide for transgender protections including the first trans-inclusive wedding, which was aired nationwide earlier this year.

h/t: The Jerusalem Post