Barack and Michelle Are Just Like Us

Wow! Congratulations to Barack and Michelle Obama!

The Democratic power couple have finally made it now that tab-rag Us Weekly gave them their coveted cover, right next to Angelina’s pregnant sex stories and an extensive report on Mrs. Hulk Hogan romance with a man half her age. ‘Tis a proud moment in American politics – and a sure fire way to grab some new lady voters!

Now, who wants to place bets on when a black couple – or black person! – next grace the weekly’s cover?

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  • Charley

    Michelle is hot. I never realized it before.

  • CitizenGeek

    I really like Michelle Obama, but I’ve got a bad feeling that she has an image problem in the US … ?

  • l

    OMG – it’s Them on the cover of Us! The magazine will never be the same. I hear it’s changing it’s name to You (whoever you are).

  • Tintin Malfoy

    The next black person to grace Us!’s cover might be Will Smith to promote his latest shiteous movie.

  • Mr C

    Exactly or maybe it will be Laura Bush and it will still be “shiteous”

    Boy oh Boy as I hate to say this. God forbid if McCain wins this election. My Mom always told me sometimes it take “tragedy” to happen to learn a lesson. And some of the hate and disdain for Obama and his wife. All I can say is WOW!

    And remember we’re the ones who want equality because we’re the ones discriminated against as GAYS? But on here the Gays hate the Black couple?

    Well maybe McCain should win then after the clock is turned back and being Gay will be such a HORRIFIC thing maybe you’ll learn being a hypocrite doesn’t pay

    Remember girls McCain isn’t your friend and does not plan to do shit for you as you cast your vote for him out of protest of the black guy.


    OBAMA/CLINTON 08′ The CHANGE and the EXPERIENCE we need!

  • Pat

    The mag did a LOT of work on MO.
    They transferred her from(AUNT ESTER)Sanford & Son.
    to a decent looking light skinned Negro. I guess that was to color coordinate the two of them and bring out the whiter side of her.
    She’s a BAD woman. Most people can see that .Unless they have no experience.
    Of course “no experience” is where his votes are coming from

  • fredo777

    “But on here the Gays hate the Black couple?”

    Mr. C, nobody said anything negative about that couple in this post, unless you count that bullshit from “Pat”. And why would you?

  • todd

    Michelle has style she has grace, like everybody else, with a little help, she gives good face!

  • Darth Paul

    Michelle rules. She’s far more intriguing and gorgeous than Cindy Pre-embalmed McCain.

  • Nitesurf

    Pat, STFU!

    Michelle rocks.



    “Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008, and life is not good: we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is “just downright mean,” we are “guided by fear,” we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents.”

    -comments by Michelle Obama in her recent New Yorker Magazine profile by Lauren Collins.

    “White folks greed runs a world in need”- The Audacity of a Hope by Barrack Hussein Obama

  • M Shane

    TACKY: I thought it was a joke! It’s advertizing for the mudane, not so bright sensationalists;
    Hope that they are amused. There is no end to U.S. foolishness.

  • hisurfer

    Danger Will Robinson!!!

    I understand that Michelle Obama is getting a ‘campaign makeover’ to make her soft and cuddly. I hate that this has to happen, but it probably has to happen for Obama to win.

    But once you start planting stories in celebrity/tabloid/trashy magazines (and the cover stories are always planted stories) you make yourself fair game for other tabloids. You become part of that celebrity culture. I think this might pay off in the short run and really backfire in the long run.

    Tabloids eat their own.

  • noah

    ““Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008, and life is not good: we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is “just downright mean,” we are “guided by fear,” we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents (sic).”

    But doesn’t this sound like your writings: fearful, cynical, mean-spirited, and racist?

  • noah


    It’s interesting how you manage to take quotes out of context, and also ignore similar comments from other politicians. Your anti-black racism burns through the fog of your words.

    You are more interested in pushing hatred than helping to secure the future for GLBT Americans.

    Do you think anyone other than a few like you will fall for the McCain trap? McCain who has sided with the anti-marriage crowd in California. McCain who has spent the last 8 years kissing up to the Religious Right. McCain who won’t support ENDA, which would end discrimination in hiring and housing? McCain who would appoint ultraconservatives like Anton Scalia who voted against striking down the sodomy laws and doesn’t believe in a right to privacy?

    We’re playing for big stakes. Everyone knows that there are trolls on liberal sites that try to divide and conquer liberals.

    Unlike John McCain, Obama has openly gay people working as senior staff. Obama’s staff is multiracial. Obama has gone to churches and spoken out for gay rights even though it might cost him votes.

    McCain? He hasn’t done squat.

    Oh, and criticizing the U.S. is a sign of patriotism, not blind nationalism. That’s why we have a democracy. People can criticize their government and make changes.

    As a supposed gay person, you benefit directly from all those people who criticized the U.S. and fought to make it a better place. :-P


    Dear n**h does Hussein Obama support marriage equality? or does he think that a second class citizen status for gay Americans is what we should aim for.

    And nobody buys that sh-t about he speaking “for gay rights” on black churches, He has done no such thing. All he did, as have some black leaders before is try to advice a power seeking black community to not disparage publicly gay people if they want to gain political numbers, He has NEVER uttered the words GAY RIGHTS TO THEM because if he did he would have to talk about marriage. He knows well that were he a white candidate just mentioning the word GAY(which is all he has done) inside a black church would’ve “cost him votes” but since he is black he can get away with just that. Where he against another black candidate and were the other candidate more in tune with the homophobia of the black community it would be a different story.

    P.S. I have no hate in my heart I’m just not a hypocrite. :-P

  • ChristopherM

    You have no hate in your heart? Please. Even if people hadn’t been reading your blatantly racist claptrap on here over the past few weeks, the fact that you almost always refer to Sen. Obama as Hussein points out exactly what kind of person you are.

    And I have seen video of him speaking about gay rights at black churches, FYI…not that facts ever matter to you.

  • Mr C

    YES You’re a HUGE hypocrite.

    Why? Simply because we all know why you don’t like Obama. No need to go there. However, Queen Mother Hillary doesn’t support marriage equality either THEY BOTH support civil unions!

    An it’s really amazing to me that you think WHITE Politicians are on the side of gays….really?

    Then if they fucking were why we gays don’t have rights now?

    Girl get over the vasad. He and HIllary basically believe the same. The big problem here is the fact that he is Black and some folks can’t stand it. However, we also don’t want others to judge us because we’re gay?

    And that is being a HUGE HYPOCRITE

    The CHANGE and the EXPERIENCE we need!

  • RPCV

    To answer your question Queerty: November 5, and it will be “The Obamas” again only this time crying having lost the election……

  • RPCV

    Oh, welcome back, Mr. C. How was Palm Springs? BTW, how did you afford to go to PS? U be havin’ a good mounff selling crack/coke in the ‘hood to all those deprived and displaced minorities who thought they could climb the golden ladder to a dream home only to find that their inabilities to handle their funds drove them to Foreclosureville???

    And, Freddy777, why u be attackin’ yo bruva, Mr. C??

    I’d love to see you two queens bitch slapping each other……

  • james ii

    i’m so tired of gays who are racist and woman-hating (weird how so many of these sorts were hillary supporters, though. i guess its the bitterness and fighting they are drawn to). man, go work out your issues elsewhere.

  • ChristopherM

    I’m always glad when RPCV and Churchilly are around. It proves that even among the gays, racism, sexism and idiocy are something we still have a long way to overcome.


    “Get me more white people, we need more white people.”- said an Obama event coordinator

    And here comes ChristopherM running, what’s the matter hun are you so enamored with charcoal dick that it blinds you?

    You wrote that you have seen a video where he talks about Gay Rights(an emphasis on the word Rights and not just mentioning the word Gay) at black churches, well prove it or shut up!

  • RPCV

    ChristopherM: Did you see the report today on Drudge about the Obama campaign wanting women with headscarves (i.e., Muslims) out of camera frame??? If not, read it.

  • ChristopherM

    Here you go Churchilly.

    And for good measure, on Dr. King’s holiday at Ebeneezer Baptist Church:

    It is not surprising that someone so simple-minded that he cannot see beyond race would try to break it down to being dickmatized.

    RCPV, if I want to read fiction, I’ll pick up the Weekly World News rather than give an extra site hit to a self-loathing closet case licking the boots of a party that despises him.

  • Tim

    Thanks for highlighting the happily married couple who are against everyone having the chance to be a happily married couple as they do.

    Some change we can believe in, sounds more like the same thing all wrapped up in a different package.


    Dear hypocrite (african americans) lover (that’s you ChristopherM) that’s just what I thought:

    video # 1 was: Barack Hussein Obama talking in an economic rally in in Beaumont, Texas. Hardly a black church and hardly in a sea of black people.

    video # 2 was: Obama talking in Ebenezer Baptist church(headed by Dr. Martin Luther’s King Homophobic daughter) in which his only mention of us and I repeat ONLY MENTION OF US was and I quote “scorn our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them” after which he promptly went on to mention other groups in a hurry as if to not let the minds of those who attended dwell to much on that ten word sentence he uttered. That my dear charcoal lover is hardly a mention of Gay people let alone Gay Rights.

    If Barrack ever talks about Gay Rights in a black church in the same manner and depth in which he talked about black fathers this past Sunday, I will hold my nose come November when I enter a voting booth and cast a ballot in his favor. But alas there is a better chance of cows growing wings and solving our oil addiction than that ever happening. So ChristopherM am I really “so simple-minded” or is this a case of you being naive or stupid? Keep enjoying your carbon.

    NOBAMA ’08


    Barrack only wants as he said in the first video ChristopherM provided and I wrote in my post # 16 is for African Americans to tone it down when it comes to their homophobia and opposition to our rights in order to gaing political numbers when it comes to fighting for their (black) rights. It has nothing to do with ours. If he ever becomes President you will see.

  • ChristopherM

    People might take you seriously if you weren’t trying to jive talk in a post today. Or if you weren’t referring to someone who supports a black candidate as a charcoal lover. Why not just use nigger? It’s what you’re thinking.

  • Mr C

    OH Ms R2D2 (RPCV)
    Don’t get angry you biiter queen because there are many of us Blacks who are professional and can afford to take a vacation. Don’t hate me because you were born to an angry mother who probably like Black dick and because it didn’t work out she taught you to hate blacks…BOO HOO BITCH

    Once again PUNK ASS
    The Eagle,Cobalt,The Fireplace,Remington’s, The Green Latern/Tool Shed,Dik Bar, JR’s
    Or anywhere on P Street

    You make the decision………Come out and Play with that vermin mouth your mother cursed you with.
    So I can put your ranting to an end!

    Until then suck Black cock like you do IN PRIVATE ASSHOLE!

    As for Ignoramous Churchill-Y Her mother is calling her home to watch the nightly KKK meetings dont forget your WHITE Sheet you blue collar low paid bitch!


    Talk is cheap and ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words.

    Just a few thoughts, you know……


    Until then kids bypass the vermins!

  • RPCV

    Mr. C: Scroll back through the archives and you’ll see that I invited you to the marina (specifically, Crabby Joe’s) for drinks a few Friday nights ago. You never showed up. When I get stood up one time, I rarely, if ever, offer another invite……….

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