Barack Obama Adopts Little Gay Dog

THEY GOT THE DOG! Thanks to Ted Kennedy, Sasha and Malia have finally received their Dad’s campaign promise to them– an adorable hypoallergenic puppy. Meet Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog, who– based on his outfit is either just out of the closet or a little to quick on the gun to celebrate Gay Pride at the White House. We can only hope that little Bo’ will be taking Sasha and Malia out to Town on the weekends and tutor them in the films of Bruce LaBruce. We’re hoping Bo follows in Bush pup Barney’s practice of producing PupCam tours of the White House, so long as Bo’s voice is dubbed by a Paul Lynde impersonator. Big puppy pic after the jump.


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  • Jan

    how disappointing they changed their mind about adopting a shelter dog. Now millions more will not get homes because people will go to breeders. This isn’t change. He lied.

  • Vada

    @Jan: yup. hope it’s not a symptom of a lying problem.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    You don’t know that.

    Maybe he HAD to take the dog??

  • Michael W.

    Why would someone want an ugly, dirty shelter dog? That’s like buying a used car or continuing to fuck the same guy after the sex gets lame.

    They are shelter dogs for a reason: NOBODY WANTS THEM!

  • Phoenix (Sparkly Agent Of The Gay Agenda)

    Actually, this one was homeless. The original owners changed their minds and sent him back to the breeder.

    @ Michael W.,

    All mine have been mutts from the pound and all have been terrific. People I know who insisted on ‘pure breeds’ from the pet store or a back yard breeder wound up with high strung, over bred sickly animals. So nyeeeeeeeeeeh!


    @ Jan:
    Gee, I read in the papers that there was a allergy concern and perhaps they needed to be keenly aware of that concern.

    Come on people- get real, or perhaps we should get into the wayback machine and bring on John McCain, and throw the lying sack Obama back into the swill.

  • Bruno

    If anyone can suggest a hypoallergenic dog in a pound somewhere, maybe Obama would be all ears. Seriously, the things people get mad over.

  • D


    Oh get over it, it’s just a dog.
    His daughters are allergic anyway, making a purebred a better bet in avoiding allergic reactions.

  • Japhy Grant

    Why are these comments not about how cute the doggie is? Priorities, people.

  • Brianna

    The dog is cute.

  • rogue dandelion

    @Japhy Grant: that puppy is part of the oppressive heteropatriarchy. no love for the bigot puppy.
    hahaha, actually he is kind of cute, his white boots remind me of my own mut.

  • Uncle Fatlips

    For the love of God! Get over it you people with issues about the Obamas getting a purebred dog. If you care so much go adopt another one if you don’t have one already.

    Better yet, spend your time and energy volunteering at Shelters and Spaying clinics instead of putting people down and passing judgment on those who chose to make a different choice in the kind of pet they’d like to own. It’s not like the dog isn’t going to be well cared for—and that’s the point of owning any pet, whether it’s purebred or not. Getta life.

  • Vanhattan

    @Phoenix (Sparkly Agent Of The Gay Agenda):

    If you are serious regarding your comment, you are a huge creep to say the least!

    Usually people hate in others what they hate in themselves… I would imagine you are some very ugly mixed breed of a human and animal…..

  • Vanhattan

    @Michael W.:

    Sorry Phoenix, this post was meant for Michael W.

    If you are serious regarding your comment, you are a huge creep to say the least!

    Usually people hate in others what they hate in themselves… I would imagine you are some very ugly mixed breed of a human and animal…..

  • Uncle Fatlips

    You’re the hater HOOCHIE!

  • Uncle Fatlips

    Ooop! My bad. You’re not a hooch then.

  • AJ

    @Vanhattan: I think you’re right. A lot of things Michael W. says make me think he’s a self-loather of some type.

  • anthony

    I have a Portie, and can very confidently say that not only do Porties NEVER end up in shelters, but it is extremely RARE that they are returned to their breeders unless there is a serious medical problem. Those of us who own Porties can tell you that we have spent $2,000 for our Portie puppies, and we would never give up on them so easily. In fact, the only reason a person would usually give up on ANY dog is when the dog is vicious. Well, Porties are NOT vicious. They are highly energetic, but not vicious. Furthermore, anyone who spends $2,000 on such a breed has done his/her homework and knows what to expect from the breed.

    In regards to President Obama’s new Portie, how can anyone not conclude that Ted Kennedy was involved in procuring the Portie puppy for the Obamas. Why? Well, the puppy that Obama is getting comes from the breeder who provided Kennedy with his two Porties, Sunny and Splash! To drive the point home, you have to understand that Porties are a rare breed. There is NO rescue league for them because they are never forfeited by their owners. Obama wanted to make it look like he “rescued” a Portie from an owner who did not want the dog. So he is claiming that someone returned the puppy to the breeder! But it is obvious to us Portie owners that Obama procured the puppy when it was born six months ago. Shame on Obama for just not admitting it. Obama just wants to pretend that he saved a dog that no one else wanted. Bullcrap!

    To repeat: no one “turns back” a Portie puppy to the breeder. I can not understand why Obama and his people are pushing forth this story. For those of us who own Porties, it is obvious that the Obamas are lying about having gotten a puppy from someone who supposedly brought it back to the breeder.

  • unclefatlips

    Ummm…could it be that the reasons the Obamas (MAY) be lying is cause morons are making the dog issue bigger and the federal deficit? Like, IF he’s lying I can’t very well say that I blame him being that he just wants a DAMN DOG for his kids but the world around him is blowing it way way way out of proportion.

    Yea, I’d see that as a fairly good reason for making up any stupid barely plausible story in desperation just to get people to shut the hell up.

  • anthony

    It is quite ridiculous for President Obama to lie about his dog. As a dog lover, I can not totally believe what he says from now on. There is no reason to lie about a dog! Especially a Portie. It is very disconcerting to think that the Portie profile will be raised because the Obamas half-heartedly chose this very special breed. People will want to have a Portie because our president has one. Porties are highly energetic and work-oriented, and unsuitable for most people – especially first-time dog owners like President Obama. Porties are not going to just lie around and be docile like Goldendoodles, which would have been a MUCH better choice for the First Family. I understand that many people will make light of the choice of a dog in the family. However, it is one of the few times that a person actually gets to choose a family member. It is very sad and revealing that President Obama lied about this matter. It makes me question his integrity, because NO ONE lies about his/her dog!

  • vng

    The great scandal of this whole affair is that they didn’t get a cat. Dogs are useless noise-polluting, shit-spreading parasites.

  • anthony

    Yes, dogs are noise-polluting, shit-spreading parasites. Everyone know that. Aside from that, they are guardian angels. And if your life has ever been saved by a dog, you will never mind their bad qualities.

  • unclefatlips

    HAHAHA! OMG! Anthony you’re a HOOT! People do you see the INSANITY OF ALL THIS? Thank you Anthony. Thank you for your post. On your words I rest my case. I’m done here and with this topic. I got a REAL live fight on my hands and it’s called Prop 8.

    Goodbye and goodnight.

  • Muscato

    @Japhy Grant:
    I’m with you, doll – what a perfect little bundle of cute! I think the girls are very lucky, and anyone trying to make more of it than that is pretty horrid.

  • anthony

    I thought Porties were the topic, not Prop 8, which is not something I know about, sorry. So in that sense, yes I am a HOOT! I’m a PORTIE lover who is upset that President Obama is raising the profile of the Portie breed. People will follow Obama’s example, and the breed will be ruined.

    Well, it’s kind of insulting to insinuate that the topic of dogs is not important! As you might have guessed, it’s not the only topic that interests me. Oh well. Pleasant dreams!

  • Tommyz

    Cute dog. As for shelter dogs – I have owned 3 shelter purebreds… there are organizations for all breeds – my beagle and boxer both came from shelters.

  • Excaliber

    @Jan: How quick it seems that some will use any excuse to attack the President without having a clue as to the REAL reasons decisions were made…even his family’s personal choice for a pet! How silly have we really become? Or maybe not “silly” just Republican???

  • Excaliber

    @anthony: OH PLEASE!!!! Who are you people who have nothing else to worry, fret, call the President a liar about and THEN hand wring about his integrity in these times of great financial woes, hunger and starvation, terrorism and cultural turmoil????? I only wish my life was so worry free from REAL problems that I had time to actually fret about what kind of dog the president got and then have the audacity to question his integrity about such an unimportant bit of fluff news.

  • Catherine

    Cute dog. But for the colour, it looks my little Luna.

    While it would have been nice for Obama to have set an example by adopting a shelter dog, this isn’t at all important. I don’t know if he lied about the dog or not, but to be honest, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass.

    He got the dog, get over it.

    – Catherine

  • RomanHans

    Let’s just make this clear: some of these commenters are so stupid they can’t possible be real.

    I’ve noticed it a few times. There are a lot more idiots here than you’d expect jumping on the president for nonsensical things. Heck, the idiots here even criticize our fights for GAY RIGHTS (I’m thinking about the eHarmony thread) which is mighty strange for a GAY WEB SITE.

    I think I’ll join Hillary Clinton in saying there are some freakin’ weird vast right wing conspiracies around. Because gay people can’t be THAT stupid, right?

    Anyway, in this case, Obama never “promised” to get a shelter dog. He promised his daughters A DOG. Michelle apparently said it would be a shelter dog.

    Hope this helps. And remember, anybody with a brain who may want to generalize about gays from these comments, there be major idiots here.

  • Excaliber

    @RomanHans: Well said! Enough Said! Thanks for your perspective!

  • John in CA

    @RomanHans: Yeah. Despite the predictable sneering from Republicans, Hillary was completely right about the right-wing conspiracy. Since Obama became president in January, the wingnuts have actually bought up all the ammo in Oklahoma. There are some extremely paranoid, nutsy folks out there in America.

  • Uncefatlips

    In fact, Bo is a gift to the Obamas’ daughters, Malia and Sasha, from the Kennedys, said Katie McCormick Lelyveld, a spokeswoman for Michelle Obama. The puppy officially arrives Tuesday.

    “They were starting their search with shelter dogs, but when the Kennedys learned of this dog and offered it as a gift to the girls, they met the dog, it was a perfect fit for their lifestyle and for Malia’s health concerns,” she said, adding that the Obamas are making a donation to the Washington Humane Society. “Because this gift came before their pound search sort of was completed, they made a gift to some of the places they were looking.”

    Yahoo News

    What’s the big deal?

  • michael L-W

    Michael W. u are a fukkn asshole, dude!!!!! how can u say that about shelter dogz?!?!?!, suppose somebody said that about fags?!?!? then u’d have u’re fukkn panties in a not wouldn’t ya???

  • b

    @Japhy Grant: lol! agreed.

  • Jane

    One little thing he did such as simply getting a dog from the shelter or a rescue group would make a huge difference. If he wanted a Portuguese water dog he could have went to a rescue based on that breed. I do think this news was a little out of hand but it’s true, he would have made a huge difference if he had kept his promise. If he can’t even keep this simple promise, what bigger promises would be thrown away? This was a disappointment, and he should feel sorry. He could have saved a life, even if it’s a dogs life by doing so he would have saved more from his actions. If he didn’t ‘adopt’ that dog someone else would have without a timed death sentence.

  • Excaliber

    @Jane: Get a life Jane! With all the problems in this world who in their right mind would say what you just did?? First of all, the dog was a gift from a dying icon, Sen. Ted Kennedy. What was he supposed to do refuse it? Who are you people who equate what kind of dog a man chooses for his little girls (a private matter btw)to what he might do for the country. Oh yeah, I forgot…I know who you are…Republicans who cant get over the fact YOU LOST the elections and will continue to do so with these silly ass comments!

  • unclefatlips

    Tell ’em Excalibur! The small-minded petty losers… a bunch of pathetic nitpickers is what they are. Ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • ima gaydog

    Bo is always welcome are our house. Take PRIDE in your gay dog at It’s Fun and FAB U LOUS WOOF!

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