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Barack Obama Didn’t Just Insult Gays. He Insulted Soliders’ Families, Too

“One of them said, ‘Obama keep your promise.’ ‘I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about.” That was President Obama on Wednesday night, speaking at the DNC fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton about the protesters outside. To the gays, that was a slap in the face: How dare the president pretend he doesn’t know what promises we’re demanding he keep. But it turns out there were more than just GLBT demonstrators outside the hotel; anti-war folks were there as well. Some critics are now giving Obama a pass for his comments, saying he didn’t mean to offend the gays. And perhaps they’re right. He just meant to offend anyone who disagrees with him and demands he keep his campaign promises.

Want civil rights? You’re a punchline. Want your sons and daughters home from the Middle East? You’re a punchline. Want your tax dollars to stop funding wars? You’re a punchline.

There’s a great history in this country of protesting, and there’s a great history of turning a blind eye to it. Once again, the president showed which path he prefers. So no, Obama doesn’t get a pass on this one. Rather than only mocking gay men and women who want nothing more than their civil rights, he opted to mock the beliefs of other groups who also helped put him in the White House.

In the above clip, you can watch Obama take a giant crap on your First Amendment right to disagree with him. And then you can hear the audience laugh.

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  • Sean

    Whoa. Calm down guys. This hyper-sensitivity isn’t going to get us anywhere productive.

    As a gay male who worked on Obama’s campaign, it was my understanding that it would take at least two years before DOMA and DADT could be addressed. Clinton tried to address gay rights early on in his presidency; not only did he fail miserably (DOMA & DADT were signed on his watch), but he failed to push through any parts of his progressive platform because he got so bogged down in the culture warfare.

    So I’d ask that you put all of this into perspective as we move forward. Certainly it helps to keep the fire under his ass, but taunting him every time something gay happens and he doesn’t respond is not helpful.

  • Lance Rockland

    Obama is an asshole. This is such a betrayal.

    F**** him!

  • Todd

    Yes, it is helpful. Every slight must be addressed. Every non-response. If you want to achieve your goals, being the thorn in the side is appropriate. Our issues are the easiest to punt. The only way they will be addressed is if we are vigilent and make the administration acknowledge them. God how I long for the days of Act-Up.

  • andy

    Besides keeping the pressure up, I have no other choice at the moment so I am just going to wait and see what happens.

  • Richard in DC

    I think this entry is a bit on the dramatic side.

  • christophe

    he seems to be admitting he hasn’t fulfilled any of his “promises”

  • Pierre

    I think what Obama did was totally offensive, just like I think that the audience laughing was offensive. I think we have every right to respond to this, and every other slight, by letting Obama and his administration know our displeasure. The only way to get things done is to keep the pressure on no matter what.

    But we shouldn’t be surprised by this event, or the fact that now Obama seems to want to punt all gay issues. I certainly “knew” that this sort of thing would happen when I held my nose, repressed my gag reflex, and voted for Obama. He didn’t seem any more trustworthy to me then than he does now. This is simply the way all politicians work (Rebubs and well as Dems), and to have thought otherwise was to be somewhat blind to reality. So, while a moderate amount of displeasure may be appropriate, especially if it prompts us into action, getting angry and letting things like this “eat us up” is only letting the homophobes and haters win by making us unhappy. We should use each time something like this happens as simply another incident to build our resolve to win this struggle in the end. After all, in the end winning is all that really matters.

  • eww

    Well, he certainly succeeded in offending the Queerty queens. But then, the mere mention of his name is enough to make you gals froth in the mouth!

    While keeping the pressure up is necessary, do you even realize how shrill you’ve become?

  • Kid A

    This is certainly inappropriate, but it’s not a matter of “first amendment rights.”

  • AndTom

    Keep being shrill, what the great people of Queerity say is true they are just calling him out on obvious observations of Obama’s actions or lack there of… Until people in our community and supports of our community stand up and demand that Politian’s regard our rights as just that “RIGHTS”, if not they will just keep making November promises with impotent follow thru

  • rsquared

    Let’s make sure that he’s only a one-term president unless he fulfills his promise(s).

  • Maverick69

    Why don’t you ladies fucking lighten up? And Queerty, stop being such a damn bitch. Ya’ll act like it’s been 4 years instead of 4 months. Grow a damn pair.

  • InExile

    Some of you guys defending Obama’s actions is unbelievable! When he runs you over with the bus after you have been thrown under it and you have tire tread marks on your faces will you still defend him???

    Queerty is right on in calling him out on his little joke! If the matter was not so serious maybe we could laugh along but when we are the joke after months of our President pretending we no longer exist, his joke becomes an outrage!

    I really expected a little more respect from President Obama.

  • Sam

    This is ridiculous. It’s already been reported all over the place that the “Obama, keep your promise” chants were from people PROTESTING ARMENIAN WAR CRIMES, not for gay rights. I also love how you leave out that he says “I like that” at the end, encouraging people to hold him to his promises.

    At this point, Queerty’s reporting on Obama is even less reliable and more biased than Fox News. And now, you resort to full on lies.

  • emb

    Oh please. If this guy had done anything less than repeal DADT, DOMA, issued a presidential edict mandating legalized same-sex marriage, come out of the closet himself, and resigned in favor of Hillary, there are folks here who would screech that he was a traitor and utter disaster. Of course I’m as disappointed as anyone that he hasn’t put my issues front-and-center, but I’m willing to accept that perhaps the economic collapse, a variety of international crises, and possibly health care MIGHT take priority even over my civil rights in a world in which there have to be choices made. Plus I’m enough of a realist to recognize that many if not most Americans and their representatives don’t like us and are not all that keen on elevating GLBT issues to the forefront–Bill Clinton tried putting homos first, you’ll recall, and lost pretty much all his political capital AND that battle in the bargain, ending up settling for the disaster that’s DADT.

    And if the protesters were anti-choice rightwing loons, we’d all think his joke was pretty funny, so just quit being so self-righteous and judgmental and so very easily offended by the slightest perceived lack of utter adoration. Keep the pressure on him–like any other politician needs constant reminding–but for godsake, if we don’t like the republicans, now we don’t like the Democrats, and third parties are — really, please — a fabulous solution if you’re willing to wait a century or so to have any actual influence, much less real power; we’re just enthusiastically disenfranchising ourselves.

  • eww

    @rsquared – Yes, I support that, instead of shrieking hysterically, as Queerty is prone to do nowadays. Even better, if there is no positive action by the Dems by mid-2010, we withhold our votes in 2010 elections too.

  • Michael W.

    The headline reeks of conservative rightwing propaganda, always wielding the troops and their families like a baton in order to further their interests. I hate that shit.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Obama doesn’t need to go through the military to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Just do it yourself.



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    Remember everything thought Rick Astley sang the male vocals but it was Dancin’ Danny D

    Mike Andrews – Dream

    Music Producer – Doug Laurent who worked with La Bouche’s Be My Lover & Culture Beat’s Mr. Vain

  • Todd

    I’m interested to know how all you pearl-clutchers, bemoaning that Queerty and certain commentators are shrill and everyone should calm down, but then say “BUT we should keep the pressure on”, how should we keep the pressure on? What is your strategy in today’s political landscape? Is it always out of bounds to criticize Obama? How many months should go by with no response from the administration to LGBT setbacks or advances before it’s fine to bring it up? Obviously there’s a plan and I just haven’t read it yet. I think I read upthread 2010. So another year. Yeah, but 2010 isn’t going to be good for me. I’m going to be concentrating on the still horrible economy and health care. And after that the next presidential cycle starts and Obama can’t really DO anything then because of the election but he’ll talk a good game and that’ll get me to 2012. And on and on and on.
    Whether Obama’s “joke” was directed at the LGBT demonstrators or others is not really the point. The point is that we are seeing this administration willfully ignore our issues at the very moment he has the most political capital he will ever have. To think he will get to our issues in time is just being naive. National politics is very bloody.
    I say More Shrill! More Sass! Just More! And loudly.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Sean:When you day DOMA was signed on Clinton’s watch you make it seem so passive, as if he just stood by and allowed it to happen, when in fact Clinton took up his pen and put his name to DOMA. DADT I give him credit for the try, but the Joint Chiefs were too much for him to overcome. As far as DOMA, that was unforgivable.

  • edgyguy1426

    @AndTom: Thanks for being respectful in your comments (unlike EWW). The squeaky wheel still does get the oil.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Todd: I agree. An American president will always have something on his plate. Very rarely are we left twiddling our collective thumbs. So now is as good a time as any. Things might actually get worse…

  • edgyguy1426

    @wowjustwow: See ya

  • Michael @


    “As a gay male who worked on Obama’s campaign, IT WAS MY UNDERSTANDING THAT IT WOULD TAKE AT LEAST TWO YEARS before DOMA and DADT could be addressed. Clinton tried to address gay rights early on in his presidency…”

    Setting aside the fact that Obama’s administration is DISCHARGING 1-2 gays a day as I write, and has vowed to DEFEND DADT IN COURT until repeal, well, Sean, as anyone can see in the quotation below from the official “Senator Barack Obama’s November 29, 2007 statement on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy,” “Paid for by Obama for America,” and distributed by, among others,, you apparently spent too much of your time refilling your glass of Kool Aid and just eating the free dOnut hOles er gayish sound bites rather than looking behind the curtain. [No apology for the mixed metaphors.]


    Note, it, of course, doesn’t say that repeal can happen overnight or that it won’t require some work, and none of us are saying that either. It DOES say that he will begin the work immediately upon taking office, that he will delegate specific tasks to various people but that HE will LEAD the way.

    INSTEAD, the moment he met resistance from military dinosaurs, such as James Jones, his National Security Advisor, he made the same mistake that he condemned Democrats [when he meant B Clinton] for in the same statement:

    “Fourteen years ago, the Democratic Party faced A TEST OF LEADERSHIP, and our party failed that test. We had AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE LEADERS on the World stage in eliminating discrimination against gay and lesbian service members, to recognize the patriotism and heroism of the hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian citizens who have served our country. Instead, WE BOWED TO FEAR AND PREJUDICE. …And so, RATHER THAN EMBRACING LEADERSHIP AND PRINCIPLE, we embraced Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

    OK, sorry, maybe you just forgot. But there’s no excuse for your parroting like a trained talking bird the dishonest talking point Obama Inc. floated months ago trying to excuse O going against his own plan and now “moving slow” because “Clinton moved to fast on gays in the military…don’t want to repeat the same mistakes blah blah” when DADT expert Nathaniel Frank’s proof that THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE, i.e., CLINTON MOVED TOO SLOW, has been all over Queerty, multiple other sites, mainstream media, Rachel Maddow’s show, etc.

    If you’d like to KNOW more, rather than continuing to still just “believe” as one believes in a you know what, Frank’s book on the evolution of DADT, “Unfriendly Fire,” is available at Amazon, etc.

    Or his two most recent essays on the subject for free at

  • Michael @

    And stop with the transparently hypocritical yelling at Queerty AS IF it was the only outlet on the planet questioning Obama’s being MIA on gay issues now.

    Go yell at Pam’sHouseBlend, JoeMyGod, Towleroad, Rachel Maddow, David Mixner, Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan [most of them O for Prez Cheerleaders if not also H-Haters], and Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, George Stephanapoulos, the NYT, the Advocate, the White House press corps, ad infinitum.

  • InExile

    @edgyguy1426: DOMA was the only alternative Clinton had, the republicans wanted to pass a Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage which would be worse than DOMA.

  • Sam

    @InExile: I call bullshit! Clinton said he’d sign DOMA before it even got to his desk, eliminating any ability to negotiate the terms. A Constitutional Amendment would NEVER have gotten the 2/3s needed in the Senate. He had the opportunity to say “I’ll sign DOMA, but only if you send it to me with ENDA attached.” He didn’t, and ENDA failed in the Senate by one vote.

    There were many alternatives. Clinton went with one that screwed us. Your claim is a total revision of history.

  • GPW

    Even Jimmy Carter said that Bill Clinton’s biggest mistake is that he moved too slow. His intentions were good, but he waited too long, and so we still all have to wait.

  • BillGordon

    How is that even a joke? It’s a valid question: “What promise are you talking about?” Even in this blog post, you didn’t answer that.

    Obama never promised to repeal DOMA. He can’t do anything about Prop 8 in CA.

    Instead of imprecise soundbites, maybe the protester should have been more specific. What promise was he/she referring to?

    By the way, here’s a much more sensible and rational blog post on gay marriage: Prop 8 is a Distraction, or: NOW can we Dump Gay Marriage as a Cause?

  • edgyguy1426

    Sorry, but Obama said he didn’t agree with Prop 8 so he could have done something about it by being more vocal about it i.e. leadership..perhaps some of the voters that voted for him might have listened to him, if not the gay community and we might not have lost it, or at least by not as much.

  • Dennis

    Nothing but a bunch of GODDAMN whiny bitches on this site if THIS quip is what’s getting you worked up…He didn’t “slap” us here, he can’t hear or see shit from the “inner sanctum” of the anti-terrorist foot-thick doors Caddy he rolls in…He couldn’t see or hear what the protesters were (validly) protesting about.

    Criticize him for moving to slowly on our issues, but this bullshit is muckracking at it’s worst. How ’bout a valid article on the site, too much to ask? NEXT!

  • roger

    bottom line: if you disagree with this president and his staff they will endlessly and shamefully mock you and your cause. gays and lesbians should ask the tax protesters (conveniently called “tea baggers”), what it is like to have the president use his power and even the power of the press against the cause.
    as the panel pointed out on “reliable sources” last sunday morning, this approach to belittling and even ignoring your opponents was the same approach used in nazi germany in the early 1930s. we’re all in for a rocky road.

    next time, i suggest that folks actually know who the fuck they’re voting for before they drink the kool aid and cast their ballot. this was predictable. and, in fact, it was predicted.

  • edgyguy1426

    I’d think there are people that tell him in advance who is protesting and why, I would think the secret service would have knowledge of that.
    Queerty critics: In my eyes, this has always been a lite, fun site with some serious overtones..and I took them at their word: Free of an Agenda…. so to me it meant not a Democratic Agenda or a Republican Agenda ect. so when they’re taking a president to task no matter what his political affiliation is or ‘moving to (sic) slowly on our issues’ then I think they’re upholding their end of the deal.
    Thanks Queerty
    p.s. miss the morning aural; I downloaded many from iTunes I heard here first.

  • Tony

    It is like yelling at a douchebag deadbeat dad “Hey, take care of your child!” and having him respond by saying “What bitch’s bastard are you talking about????” Yes, we are Obama’s bitch’s bastard. At least that is how he is treating us.

    Obama. Deadbeat. Douchebag. Homophobe.

  • Todd

    Bill, I think it’s fine if you want to give Obama a pass. As I asked before though, at what time do you hold his feet to the fire?
    And whether we like it or not, marriage has become THE issue. Because it’s national. For me personally, it’s not MY issue, but it has become the issue associated with all of our rights. So I am going to support it and support it forcefully and hold the administration to account for their silence. And don’t forget that Obama supported marriage equality when he was a senator. This has now become about politics not issues. The line has moved. And to deal with politics we need to make and keep our presence in the public view. To have two amazingly tough and smart nationally known lawyers fighting with us in Boies and Olsen is a real boon to the cause. The fight has to go all out, to all sectors, to all parts of the US. Every part is helpful. There is not one right way now. The right way has to encompass many ways at the same time. It’s scary. But I think we’re at the bend and at the home stretch. We have to be strong, loud and vigilant. On all fronts.

  • InExile

    @Sam: The fact remains that Bill Clinton’s heart was in the right place, we still do not know where President Obama’s heart is! And with his latest off handed joke combined with his persistent silence on our issues, where he stands is becoming much more clear.

  • Tony

    LGBT Non-tard:

    “Obama should keep his promises!”

    Obamabot: “Wah! Quit whining. You drama queen. Obama needs to take care of issues that matter. Quit thinking that LGBT people, their families, their lives and their rights should be addressed, because they have waited for so long, just be patient, Obama Baby Jesus Messiah Savior works in mysterious ways.

    LGBT Non-tard: “Have we not waited long enough? We deserve full equality. You would think that with the discrimination Obama has faced being a person of color, I find his sheer homophobia to be a bit ironic.”

    Obamabot: “Ironic??? Obama is ICONIC. You are just a racist. Laters haters….””

    Typical exchange here between the thinking LGBT people and the self hating douchebag Obamabots. Obamatwats.

  • michael

    Completely offensive and dismissive of the protesters outside. He knew exactly what promise(s) they were demonstrating about. He knew exactly who the group was outside. For Christ sake does he think we are just stupid? The secret service knew those protesters would be there probably before they did. After all, when spying on American citizens is legal, a practice he applauds, then why wouldn’t they know. Hell he probably knew everyones name, date of birth and social insurance number in that crowd. We are going to have to become this mans worst nightmare. You know if we withdraw our support he may feel like he does not need us. But there are plenty of folks in the middle, those folks who are not gay that we can work to turn against him. His policies and procedures are not a lot different than the last administrations and its not difficult to point those out to folks.

    At this point I do not give a fuck what he did or did not promise, I don’t care who or what he is pandering to, I don’t care if he has a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time. I don’t care what his party affiliation is, I don’t care what problems are on the national plate because for the first time in my life I am putting myself first and am not going to sit on the back of the fucking bus. The wall street bankers can go to hell in a handbag, the war in the middle east can escalate 10 fold,
    nobody made those troops enlist and its all being financed by worthless paper money anyway. We have lived forever without national healthcare so that can come after my rights as well. I and those like me come first until we are equal, then I will join in on supporting and solving the problems that affect all of us. Because right now I am not part of that “all of us” am I?

  • InExile


    Even Jimmy Carter said that Bill Clinton’s biggest mistake is that he moved too slow. His intentions were good, but he waited too long, and so we still all have to wait.
    Posted: May 29, 2009 at 12:42 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]

    I agree with your assessment of timing. Timing is everything and if Obama waits too long to keep his promises, they will disappear.

  • Sam

    @InExile: Are you serious?

    Personally, it was hard for me to tell where Bill Clinton’s heart was with his boot up my ass. Obama and the Congressional leadership will get us hate crimes and ENDA before his first term is up. That trumps Clinton’s “heart” any day of the week.

  • Ender

    i’m a straight, christian male with political interest and a pretty strong liberal leaning.

    american GLBT have my most sincere apologies for years of inequality & torment that i fully admit is still present in the church, and in mainstream america today; despite how “open minded” we like to think we are. my most sincere, heartfelt apologies, and a promise to do better, and to point out where others can do better to treat everyone with dignity, regardless of race, faith, or sexual identity.

    that said, the responses above are of the least helpful nature. they are emotion-filled, and that alone can detract from the message you want to convey, but worse, some are approaching hate-mongering. many are not even useful, such as ~No.38·Tony~. impassioned, yes, nit not helpful in any tangible way.

    in order to sway opinion, one needs to speak a language familiar to those whose opinions you desire to sway… commonality of thought is simply a necessary component to dialogue and relationship. i submit that posts such as ~No.38·Tony~ have absolutely zero commonality with lawmakers.

    perhaps a new approach is required? personally i believe civil protest is an outdated and ineffectual approach to making legal change happen, but i could be wrong about that, so if you determine for whatever reason that protest of an event is the best way to get your message accross, then by all means protest wherever it is feasable and effective. but in whatever approach you take, try to imagine how a lawmaker may percieve your actions, and given that perception, how they may react in thought and emotion, and hence in action.

    hope that helps. peace & love!

  • Thom Freeheart

    Obama has turned out to be just like Bush, except he borrows more and spends more.

    Change you can believe in.

  • AndTom

    @emb: yes this is what most in our community want and do your really think this shouldn’t happen (please see below for the comment in question), why can’t you wrap your mind around the idea that there is no difference in homosexual and hetros so why the government should draw a line in such a manner is beyond me but when you have people in our own community saying “oh don’t worry about our rights right now baby, you got so much on your plate no no you get to us when you can” it is not shocking that they back burner us till when they please…

    No. 15 • emb
    Oh please. If this guy had done anything less than repeal DADT, DOMA, issued a presidential edict mandating legalized same-sex marriage…

  • yeson8won

    The decision to drop DADT should be left to the men and women serving in the military, not to politicians or homosexual special interest groups.

    Normal men and women should not be forced to share accommodation, shower facilities, etc with homosexuals who may have an unnatural and unwelcome sexual interest in them.

    If we allow homosexuals to serve in the military and exhibit openly homosexual behaviour, then why not force straight men and women to share billets, dorms, showers, etc?

    Joining the military is NOT a right, there are many qualifying criteria, including height, weight, fitness, age, eyesight, hearing, etc.

    We don’t hear blind people demanding that the rules of admission be changed. We only hear that from the ever-whiny homosexuals.

  • Todd

    @Ender: Ender, didn’t help. And maybe you should really stop taking the Xanax.

  • edgyguy1426

    @yeson8won: So if the troops ok gay soldiers, you’d be ok with that? Do you think the troops before integration would have ok’d that as well?
    As far as unwelcome sexual interest, thank god there is no such thing as sexual harassment or rape in the military now, for that ‘natural’ behaviour would really be an outrage.

  • yeson8won

    @edgyguy1426: What does homosexuality have to do with race?


    But again why should normal people be forced to live in closed quarters with homosexuals who may have an unnatural and unwelcome sexual interest in them?

    And if it’s allowed why not let men and women share billets?

    Try answering these real, practical questions and not introducing irrelevant distractions.

  • Bri

    I think this is a little dramatic. “Obama Keep Your Promise” – that’s VAGUE. If that was all I had heard from the protesters that’s what I would have said too. “Which promise?”

  • The Gay Numbers

    Whining on a gay site about gay people discussing gay issues is like going to a football game to whine that people should focus on basketball.

    You know what made Bush’s supporters especially destructive was there tendency to demonize the messenger. I admit that Queery is quite often full of shit.

    But, this is not about Queerty. It’s about Obama’s retreat on gay rights, as is being reported by mulitple sources (NY Times, LA Times, Advocate, Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, and multiple others have all reported on this issue).

    So, why do you come to a gay site whining about the fact gay people see gay isues as important? Are you shills or sock puppets because I honestly do not understand your point of being here.

  • InExile

    @Sam: Obama has given us no reason to believe he will keep his promises! How do you know for a fact he just wanted our votes and money? Although hate crimes and ENDA are very important, it does nothing to recognize our relationships. I don’t know about you, but to me my partner is my family and should be considered such as far as government is concerned. The fact that my partner is legally a complete stranger to me in the eyes of the law is wrong. If Obama cares at all about gay citizens, he will put the weight of his office behind some sort of legal recognition of our relationships.

    I am tired of waiting, we have all waited long enough! 40 years on June 28th to be exact! Our civil rights should be a priority above all other concerns!

  • The Gay Numbers

    Follow up: I do not see this bizareness on this site alone. That’s why I ask the question. I have seen it on Perezhilton, Towleroad, Pam’s House of Blend, Bilerico and AfterElton. The core position always seems to be- “Why are you discussing gay issues when there are more important things.” If you truly believe that- why are you not focused on those other things?

  • Bertie

    Obama is an arrogant prick.

    Too bad he is destined to be a multi-millionaire on the lecture circuit thanks to all the cocksuckers who think he has “alot on his plate” and to “trust him” that he really does give a shit about gays. His plate at the Beverly Hilton was empty — and he was still chewing as he joked about the people outside.

    This is a man who taught Constitutional Law — and he isn’t appalled by the CA Supreme Court ruling which created class A, B and C of citizens in one state?

    Guess he was too focused on his next trip to the Burger Joint photo op.

    as Bill Maher put it on his show —
    “…without criticism it’s not a Presidency – it’s a religion … and you know how I feel about that.”

  • Alec

    @InExile: Our civil rights should be a priority above all other concerns!

    For us, certainly. But the problems facing the United States are so pervasive. The economy, the wars, the budget, health care…I want those issues addressed as well. The idea that we have to drop everything and address gay rights first and foremost is just crazy talk.

  • The Milkman


    Because it’s already happening. Gay and lesbian people are already sharing those closed quarters, and have been since the beginning of time. We’re not new.

    For someone who’s so concerned for our troops, you certainly don’t seem that confident in their professionalism.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: Your argument has no historical value. We have faced far worse economies and Presidents have had a lot more on their plate. You are rationalizing when one compares Obama to FDR or LBJ. I understand after Bush why so many people have low standards for their president. But, it is silly to argue that everyone must live by the lowest common demoninator.

  • Alec

    @The Gay Numbers: And gay rights should be addressed, but that isn’t the biggest issue facing the country. Really, it just isn’t. You have to read my post in light of InExile’s demand that we drop what we’re doing to address that issue “above all other concerns.” Sorry, no, that’s just not the way its done. That wasn’t what happened during the early civil rights movement, and that isn’t what is going to happen now.

  • AndTom

    @yeson8won: just a quick fyi there are gay people in the military, and when I shared a shower in basic with other guys that was never an issue because as usual you are applying well worn scare tactics to a debate that you have to consider the other side human beings with rational thought, but you and your kind always forget that. I can’t wait till you join me in the private sector and realize you can’t us your out dated and frankly inappropriate views.

  • edgyguy1426

    @yeson8won: The point to my post was a) perhaps troops at the time wouldn’t have wanted to be integrated, so letting the troops decide isn’t always the right thing. b) men and women already serve in close quarters and unwanted sexual interest already occurs. The solution: they’re adults; they handle it. If the situation gets out of hand there are rules in place and a chain of command to handle it. It would be no different with gays in the military. So if your argument is valid then there should be no women in the military either, correct? …to avoid all those unwanted sexual interests…or maybe there should be only women in the military.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: Why do you come to a gay blog to tell gay people that their issues are not the biggest issues to face the country? So what if this person believes gays rights is the most important. At least someone feels that way.

  • Alec

    @The Gay Numbers: Because I’m gay. And I don’t think necessarily think that they’re the biggest issues facing either me or the country.

    That’s why. Those of us who disagree have a voice as well.

  • sal(the original)

    wow that video is horrible,obama has lost it…so disrespectful of him

  • Landon Bryce


    I certainly agree that gay rights are not the biggest issues facing the country. I think, however, that you are very naive if you think that there will ever be a more convenient day than today for Obama to start treating gay and lesbian people with as much repect as he shows the people who hate us. The Dems are extremely unlikely to have as many seats in Congress as they have now at any other point in Obama’s history. He is probably at the height of his popularity. If he gave a shit, now would be the time. Pretending otherwise is stupid.

    And, Seam, I assume you told ALL the LGBT people you encouraged to vote for Obama that you knew when you were shoving him down their throats that he intended to nothing for gays until 2011. No? Thanks for coming here and admitting what a worthless, lying piece of shit you are.

  • GPW

    @Alec: I don’t recall anyone saying that everything else should be dropped. The fact is that with just a tiny little bit of LEADERSHIP would go along way. That is what was promised! All the other stuff healthcare, war, blah blah will continue to addressed and unless we demand it we will be ignored again and again.

  • InExile

    @GPW: Thank You!!!

  • InExile

    @Alec: I think he can multitask so your argument is weak at best!

  • Todd

    @Alec: Alec, what are your issues sweetie? Do you actually have issues? What is the most important thing in your little life right now? I think it would be helpful for the conversation. I’ll start with mine. I’ve lived long enough to have seen Studio 54 and 50% of my friends die from AIDS. I’ve had friends be together for over 15 years and still have problems seeing their partner in the hospital, even in NYC. I have the joy of complete parental support but have seen friends scorned. I see that we are not equal in the eyes of our government and that must change. I pay taxes, I give to this economy in every way, yet I, me, Todd am not as equal. That is my issue. My equality in every way. I should be the same as my brother and my father yet I am not.
    What is your issue, sweetie?

  • Alec

    @Landon Bryce: And if they don’t address at least ENDA and hate crimes, they get no money or help from me in 2010. But I do not expect them to drop everything for gay rights. Sorry, I want health care. I want the wars to end. The idea that we should drop it all to sate the demands of InExile is absurd.

    @InExile: I’m the one arguing for multitasking, not putting everything on hold for ENDA, DADT, etc. That’s your position.

    @Todd: The judiciary. The drug war. The wars abroad. Income inequality. Criminal justice reform. Dismantling Bush’s security state. Etc.

    Believe me, gay rights are up there for me, but unlike InExile I don’t think everything shoud be dropped for them. That’s just an absurd argument.

  • InExile

    @Alec:He does not have to do anything more than say a few words on our behalf to get the wheels moving for us in the Senate and Congress and he has not even bothered to do that! A few words could move mountains without him lifting a finger. So what exactly is he waiting for? His approval numbers to drop? The democratic majority to become less? What?

    Please tell!

  • Todd

    @Alec: Well if those are the issues you think are more important that you own civil rights, who’s to argue with you. I certainly won’t. We all have our priorities.

  • edgyguy1426

    Why the need to condescend? You both have valid arguments, you can disagree, but when you resort to being petty, it makes your life indeed seem ‘little’.

  • InExile

    @Alec: Never said ANYTHING should be put on hold! He can walk and chew gum at the same time, if he would! Or if he wanted to??????

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: You sound confused. What has your being gay got to do with you coming to a gay site to tell people to not focus on being gay? You don’t have better things do to with your time than to tell others what their interests should or should not be. Of course, that’s not the problem, is it? The real problem is the cognitive dissonance.

  • Todd

    @edgyguy1426: A little condescendtion is lovely and should be embraced. But just a little.

  • Alec


    Our civil rights should be a priority above all other concerns!

    Never said ANYTHING should be put on hold!

    Explain, please?

    @edgyguy1426: I’m trying to be civil, but since I’m being accused of being some sort of traitor to the gay community (implicitly) it is more than a little annoying.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @edgyguy1426: because again it is bizare to come to a gay site to complain that they consider gay issues as the important topic. If Alec were on a site about the drug war telling people this is not all that important, then I assume they would have a similar reason reaction. I happen to think of the drug war as not important at all, but I would not go to a site making such comments because they are per se bizare to make in context.

  • Alec

    @The Gay Numbers: You’re not making any sense. Then your being gay has no impact on how you feel about these issues, either, if that’s your position.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: I think you confuse not calling someone a name with civility. Telling them effectively , and however, politely to shut up because your issue is not all that important maybe “polite” but its polite in the way that a human resources person about to fire someone is polite. Like I said, I find your whole argument bizare. Don’t talk about gay political issues as important on a gay site.

  • Alec

    @The Gay Numbers: But I didn’t say that gay issues weren’t important. I said that they shouldn’t take priority over all other concerns. Is the fact that I’m gay completely irrelevant to that opinion?

  • Alec

    @The Gay Numbers: But I didn’t say gay issues weren’t important, I stated that in my opinion they shouldn’t take priority over all other concerns.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: I don’t understand why you are confused. Why are you here telling people they can not consider gay issue as their important issue? You have yet to expalin it other than you are gay. that’s not a response because it is not specific enough to the circumstances. I am on a gay site treating gay issues at important. You are on a gay site whining that gay issues should not be important. I do not think of the drug trade as important- therefore, I am not on a site about drug trafficking telling others not to talk about it.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: saying in my opinion is meaningless since we are all engaged on our opinion. Why even voice that opinion since again- you are own a gay site. You really don’t get it do you? There is absolutely no logic to again going to a football game to say in my opinion football is not all that important, basketball is. The circumstances and context matters.

  • Todd

    @Alec: I think you’re both drunk. I haven’t been able to follow your argument.

  • Alec

    @The Gay Numbers: You are on a gay site whining that gay issues should not be important.

    Again, that’s a flat out lie. I said that, in my opinion, it doesn’t override all other concerns. That’s InExile’s position. In fact, InExile reveals that ENDA is, apparently, not as important as relationship recognition (despite the fact that it impacts far more people than relationship recognition).

    Now you’re just being bizarre.

  • Alec

    @Todd: That’s not surprising. That you haven’t been following, that is.

  • Todd

    @Alec: Was that a crack?

  • Todd

    @Alec: Look Alec, you’re obviously a young guy, idealistic and good for you. But people should never argue over their rights. They exist or they don’t. Just as they shouldn’t be voted on. You’ll see that eventually.

  • Matt

    Jesus…some of you people are ridiculous. You elected a politician, not an activist. Have you ever followed politics before? They don’t keep all their campaign promises. It’s not new. He promised change, that’s not new either. I don’t feel betrayed because I didn’t believe most of it in the first place. If things are going to change it’s going to be through us, not him. Maybe we shouldn’t be wasting time preaching to the choir on things like this.

  • Alec

    @Todd: I agree with that. But here we are, arguing that Congress should be voting on them.

    In principle, though, we have no disagreement.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: saying it’s in your opinion does not change the fact that the statement is retarded. I can say in my opinion the sky is green dots. Does that make it any less retarded? No.

    My point is there are acceptable criticism of what is being said here by Queerty, and then, there are ones amounting to “let’s change the subject” from gay issues in politics. You could argue that Queerty is wrong about the facts or misconscrues them. But that no longer being the case, you are left arguing imo it’s not as important as other things. Again- it’s bizare to say gay issues (you do not say particular gay issues) should be unimportant on a gay site. You would not be saying it other than as a criticize of the discussion. That again is common sense for why you are saying what you wrote.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Matt: I think you confuse your apathy with our being naive. There is a difference between saying Obama is a politician (which i regularly say) and saying we should not place pressure on him to achieve our goals. It’s not abou tkeeping promises as much as using that as a tool to push him to keep it. To place his reputation on the line and give him a reason by how voters who are gay next time may see him in a different way than they now. To tell him, that’s a concern you should have. Your approach amounts to- well yes I knew they were going to fuck me over so that’s why I don’t care that they did.

  • Alec

    @The Gay Numbers: But it is only in the context of InExile stating that gay rights legislation should be a priority above everything else.

    It isn’t changing the subject. I disagree with that. I don’t think ENDA should take priority over all other matters, for example. That’s my opinion, and my opinion as someone who is gay and stands to benefit from that legislation. Yes, it would be bizarre if I had stated that gay rights “should be unimportant on a gay site.” But then, that’s not what I said.

  • Kenny Jacobs

    Queerty needs did get out of writing on this topic, you are laughable.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Kenny Jacobs: Then so is the New York Times, the LA Times, The Washginton Post, the Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, Pam’s House of Blend, and thousands of others who have been writing about this recently.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alec: It’s the implication Alec.

  • Lyle

    Wow. Queerty is full of rabid, insane queens, stereotypes given to us by mormons and other gay-haters come to life. I love between Barack Obama and the Republicans, the insane gays on this site choose to fault him personally for the failure of the gay movement to be cohesive, effective, and powerful.

  • Inukumaru

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    Apart from that it is very hard to find

  • InExile

    I stand by my statement:

    I am tired of waiting, we have all waited long enough! 40 years on June 28th to be exact! Our civil rights should be a priority above all other concerns!

  • Ron

    Just reading some of these posts gives new meaning to the term “psuedo-intellectuals”.


    I can see why Perez Hilton was able to assume the reigns…..

  • schlukitz


    Umm…WTF has this got to do with the price of tea in China?

    Stay on topic for crying out loud.

    In case you missed it, here’s the headline.

    Barack Obama Didn’t Just Insult Gays. He Insulted Soliders’ Families, Too

  • Alec

    @schlukitz: I think he’s promoting a book for someone.

  • christophe

    @schlukitz: This “guy” is posting that crap all over each articles comment area’s, he obviously has a stake in promoting it.

  • schlukitz


    Yeah, guys. I see that now after having visited a few other threads. The guy is spamming and I’m surprised that Queerty is letting him get away with it.

  • PlanetSpinz

    Obama is just one more heterosupremacist who believes that our rights are based on his approval, acceptance or agreement with how we live our lives. Even though he took an oath of office (twice) to uphold the United States Constitution for all Americans, he was not talking about us. He said that in his campaign promise not to support same-sex marriage. This is all about our constitutional rights, which should be unconditional. I never understood why the gays in the military activists have not argued for this as a second amendment right — to form a well organized militia (United States Armed Services). There is nothing in the constitution stating that only heterosexuals may be part of that militia. Until we actually expect that elected officials not bend to the will of the tyrannical majority will our standing as Americans be first class.

  • Pissed off faggot

    Obama is and was a liar! A total unprincipled hack! I’ll bet if people were being thrown out of the military on the basis of ethnicity he wouldn’t be sitting around just mulling it over.
    Fuck him! I’ll never vote for him again.

  • GBM

    OH Well another Obama rant.

    Question: Did David Hauslib and Queerty EVER support this Man? I don’t think so. These over hyped post and exaggerated stories will get none of us anywhere.

    As we all want to have FULL EQUALITY. We must work for it. After all The Civil Rights Act no President endorsed initially it and they’re not today concerning us UNFORTUNATELY. I don’t believe Obama is Anti-Gay however I am very disapointed he hasn’t said much. However he is NOT the authority.

    The House and The Senate are. And lets press our representatives to do what is RIGHT…..NOW!

    And truth be told while some of you did vote for Obama. MOST of you screming and carrying on DID NOT!

    And think whatever you will Mayhem or rather Mehgan McCain is NO REAL AUTHORITY to the GOP. So ex-her. Find a strong rethugfooligan who risk it all for us and then cast your vote for that individual.

    And see where that gets us.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Alec: Alec is your typical Obot, a liberal and – shudder – a Democrat. There is no level of betrayal that Obama could commit that would wake up people like Alec. The reason is simple, they put partisanship ahead, way ahead of the needs of the movement for LGBT equality. They’re no better than the other right centrists in LCR, Stonewall Democrats or HRC.

    Alec wants us to remember President Obama is a very busy man. It kind of choked you up doesn’t it, thinking of that poor man, all alone in the Oval Office with the weight of the world on his sholders, to busy to even think, much less think about such minor things as equality.

    Alec says “…the problems facing the United States are so pervasive. The economy, the wars, the budget, health care…I want those issues addressed as well. The idea that we have to drop everything and address gay rights first and foremost is just crazy talk.”

    So exactly what is it keeping Obama so busy doing? He’s handing out trillions to the looter rich who wrecked the economy to cover their losses. And at the same time he’s treating working people and unions the same way he treats us. He tells them to give back wages and benefits. Obama is a lapdog of the rich and he’ll get rich off his time in office just like the Clintons and Bushes did – if he plays their game and puts the screws to our standard of living.

    On health care he pigheadedly opposes the single payer system that would save trillions and provide excellent care for all Americans. Obama prefers that those trillions go to Big Pharma, HMOs and insurance companies like AIG, already wasting the hundred plus billion given them on executive salaries and perks. Obama is playing their game while tens of millions go with out health care of have to choose between it and food or rent.

    On the war Obama is escalating it and enlarging it. More and more GIs are going to be killed and maimed to carve out imperial looting rights for Haliburton, BPI, Shell and ChevronTexaco. More and more civilians are going to die while Obama tries to steal their oil and gas.

    In other words Obama is treating working people, people without health care, GIs and the rest of the world just like he treats us. Only with a bigger bus. Alec admires Obama for that.

    With Democrats like these who needs Republicans.

  • Bill Perdue

    @GBM: “he (Obama) is NOT the authority. The House and The Senate are. And lets press our representatives to do what is RIGHT…..NOW!”

    Oh yeah. Smart, very smart. By all means, let Congress have a shot at us too. I mean, aside from the occasional DADT and DOMA, they’ve been good to us, right? When IS the next one way flight to Auckland?

    “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress.” Mark Twain

    “This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.” Will Rogers

    “Can any of you seriously say the Bill of Rights could get through Congress today? It wouldn’t even get out of committee.”
    F. Lee Bailey, a real attorney.

  • PatrickD

    Everyone’s so SHOCKED that Obama is found to be just another Black Politico, Fluffing Egos with one hand and stabbing you in the back with the other. Yup. “Maud’ib” ain’t got no “Sandworms”. Anyone expecting a Politician as Messiah deserves the disappointment.
    The only reason I voted for him was that the other choice was worse….nothing more.

  • Bill Perdue

    @PatrickD: says “Obama is found to be just another Black Politico”.

    What rubbish. What’s skin color got to do with anything?

    Granted, he’s a sleaze bag hustler, an anti-GLBT bigot, a lap dog of the rich and a war lord.

    But does his skin color make him sleazier than Bill Clinton, the King of Sleaze? How is he worse, or even different from other greedy little hustlers who got rich in office dancing to the tune Wall Street plays, like LBJ and Reagan? Is Obama somehow worse about protecting constitutional freedoms than Nixon?

    Is he less pigheadedly opposed to same sex marriage than bigots like Hillary Clinton? Does he ignore our rights more than the Congress?

    The only thing that’s really up in the air is the question of whether or not he’ll beat the records of Bill Clinton and George Bush as murderers of innocent civilians from Palestine to Pakistan. He’s trying, but let’s hope he can’t.

  • rapport

    Wow…I’m disappointed in Obama, but all Queerty’s headlines make me want to do is defend him. Chill out guys…aggression won’t get you anywhere. It will, on the other hand, divide up your followers.

  • Steve

    As a gay male who worked on Obama’s campaign, it was my understanding that it would take at least two years before DOMA and DADT could be addressed.

    Then why was civil rights at the very top of his published agenda? Agenda are not usually listed alphabetically, but in order of when they are to be done.

    And why did he take gay issues completely off of his agenda, just recently?

    And whey won’t he even say a sentence or two on the topic. If he needs to wait until after mid-term, he can just say so. Saying, “DOMA and DADT repeal have to wait until after the midterm election. We can’t do that yet.” would only take about two seconds of his precious time.

    No, I don’t accept your statement. I think he just lied to us.

  • glennmcgahee

    Dear Sean and apologists for Obama.When Clinton was in office, the Democrats did not hold a majority in both houses of Congress. There is no excuse other than he has realized that he will not have some of us following him to the polls come re-election time. He’s gonna need those right-wingers. BTW, did you all forget the beginning of Obama’s campaign for President? It was called the Gospel Tour. It was held in the churches throughout the south and featured ex-gay singer, Donnie McClurkin speaking about Jesus saving him from homosexuality. It wasn’t 1 stop, it continued for months. You just chose to overlook it. I didn’t and realized it was a sign of things to come. It was those same churches that are fighting us tooth and nail. They are also recieving your tax dollars as Obama expands Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative”. WTF? Are you gonna follow this guy over the cliff?

  • Fitz

    To any gay man who worked on Obama’s campaign: I call Kapo on you. And there is only one way to deal with a Kapo.

  • Landon Bryce


    Exactly. The only think to do with a capo is to use it to change keys. We have to allow for a diversity of opinion, and it is obviously good for gays that there are many of us within the Obama campaign organization. We need MORE gay people and LESS gay money in Democratic campaigns. They gay people working in and for the Obama campaign helpe us by giving voice and faces to gay issues.

    I went to an Organizing for Change (Obama’s campaign org’s new name) meeting in San Francisco. I was the only gay man there representing the Castro district.

    That’s why Prop 8 passed.

  • schlukitz

    @Pissed off faggot:

    “I’ll bet if people were being thrown out of the military on the basis of ethnicity he wouldn’t be sitting around just mulling it over.”

    You’re not paying attention to many of the posts on here. Comparing the struggle of black people for their civil-rights is not the same thing as the struggle of LGBT people for their civil-rights. *sarcasm font on*

    This is a copy of a recent posting on another thread.

    “It’s okay for white gays to have same-sex marriage, but don’t you dare to ‘appropriate’ our black leaders.”

  • Fitz

    @Landon Bryce: You were the only one there because the rest of us know better. You work for the enemy, and you live in my town. Don’t identify yourself further. And sure as FUCK don’t show up at a gay event with a Barak “cuz God is in the Mix” Obama shirt on.

  • GBM

    And if Landon does…what will happen Fitz??????? I would like to know.

    Sounds like you’re talking violence? I can’t speak for Landon but I know damn sure I wish a queen would try if I had an Obama T-Shirt or not. Because if she can’t box and tries it.

    God help her because that bitch will be on her way to the ER! BTW not much Love for Blacks in SF any damn way!

  • Landon Bryce

    Fitz, if you had been there you could have been the other gay man arguing that Obama is betraying the gay community and the org needs to work harder on holding him to his promises there. I am as angry about his failures to be decent to LGBT people as anyone I know. But nothing is achieved by refusing to engage. When you stay home, the bigots win by default. Regardless of whether or not we want Obama, we’ve got him. The only thing to do now is to try to make him better. Or you can just an asshole, you prefer.

  • yeson8won

    @edgyguy1426: So if your argument is valid then there should be no women in the military either, correct? …to avoid all those unwanted sexual interests…or maybe there should be only women in the military.


    There is no issue with men and women working together, or working with homosexuals.

    My point is that men and women are not forced to share the same accommodation, shower facilities etc in order to avoid unwanted sexual interest and maintain decency and respect.

    Forcing normal men and women to share so closely with homosexuals creates exactly the same problem as mixed quarters.

  • Yikes!

    How dare the president? How dare you Queerty to presume you unequivalcally know that Obama knew what the protestors were protesting.

    He DIDN’T slap me in the face at all!

    Seriously, if your editor and site wants to make something out of nothing, maybe you should concentrate your efforts to getting a little more “dirt” on the president before you start slinging it first!

  • Katie

    Compare Obama’s comments with what the previous President would have said about protesters. What Obama said, perhaps not exactly this phrase, is that he appreciates people being willing to hold him accountable for his campaign promises.

    Frankly, unless the LGBT and Ally community keeps demanding full equality then Obama and the Democrats do not have the political cover they need in order to do that. So, keep protesting, keep sending e-mails, making phone calls, etc etc and get all of your friends to do it as well. Then, it will give them the cover they need to repeal DADT and DOMA.

  • Katie


    Okay, fair enough. But in high school and college gay men have to share locker rooms with straight men. Lesbians have to share locker rooms with straight women. When they go on field trips they don’t separate the lesbians and gays out to keep them from hitting on whoever.

    I imagine, it would be a similar principle involved here. Plus, the military has members from rival gangs serving side by side and will grant them moral waivers when they are desperate, but they will not make similar accommodations for gays and lesbians?

  • schlukitz

    “decency” What a misnomer.

    And by who’s definition? As if every sexual act between a man and a woman was “decent and respectful”?

    Don’t make me fucking laugh.

    A heterosexual adult having sex with a minor is decent?

    A heteroseusal adult forcing his sexual needs on his wife to “Perform her married duties” is decent?

    A heterosexual adult male raping a woman is decent?

    A heterosexual adult male raping a male in prison is decent?

    A heterosexual adult male raping an underage child is decent?

    A heterosexual adult male cheating on his wife is decent?

    A heterosexual, married, adult male visiting a brothel is decent?

    A heterosexual woman prostituting herself for money is decent?

    A Heterosexual, married, adult male frequenting dirty book stores, public toilets and and parks that are dark and discreet late at night looking for casual sex or a quick blowjob is decent?

    A heterosexual male/female beating and/or sexually abusing their mate is decent?

    I could go on, ad infinitum but, it would be moot. The fact is, heterosexuals are just as “indecent” and capable of “getting down” as homosexuals. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

    And you want to tell us, that one man finding another man sexually attractive in the shower stall is “indecent”?

    Your skewed sexual mores, standards and judgement sucks. Big time.

    Oh, and by the way, gay men do not find it necessary to go around raping each other or straights, for that matter. Comfortable with our sexuality and our desire to enjoy sex, without all the Religious Right gilt you heteros saddle yourselves with, we are only too happy to entertain a sexual advance from another man without getting all uptight about it.

    And if the pass is unwanted, even we gay men know how to say, Thanks…but no thanks. I wouldn’t think that would be too difficult for you macho straights who are so fearful of a queer checking out your bod or your pecker in a shower stall. Even straight men do that, if for no other reason, to ascertain his own “sexual adequacy”, for lack of a better term.

    If y’all more hung-up about getting cruised or getting your ass fucked by a gay man, than getting it shot off by the enemy, then your priorities are clearly fucked up and in need of some major adjustment.

  • Alisha

    I think his comment was misinterpreted. He probably just meant that he likes the fact that people have faith in him. Like he said in the end “I don’t know which promise he was talking about, but I liked it”.

  • yeson8won

    @Katie: in high school and college gay men have to share locker rooms with straight men. Lesbians have to share locker rooms with straight women.

    Perhaps we should give separate facilities to homosexuals at schools to avoid the problem?

    Nonetheless, this doesn’t lessen the unpleasantness of straight men and women having to share accommodation with homosexuals, not just once a wee but indefinitely.

    Often the accommodation could be quite cramped. Who wants a homosexual crawling over them to the inside bunk on a submarine?

    Again you are trying to force other people to accept your unfortunate dysfunction.

  • yeson8won

    @schlukitz: And you want to tell us, that one man finding another man sexually attractive in the shower stall is “indecent”?


    Most normal people would find this situation repulsive, and would not expect their employer to facilitate such incidents.

  • Landon Bryce


    Our military is disciplined and courageous. Are you really telling me that people who are frightened by having to shower next to a gay person are brave enough to sign up for the army? That’s nonsense. Are you telling me that bigotry is really going to deter the patriots who sign up to defend you? They deserve more respect from you than that.

    And recruiters need to be considering the attitudes of 18 year olds today, who are in general more puf off by bigotry against gay people than they are by showering with them. I think the generals have forgotten that they are not trying to recruit the soldiers they already have: they are trying to find the soldiers of tomorrow. There are going to be fewer and fewer desirable recruits who will stand for DADT.

  • yeson8won

    @Landon Bryce: Are you really telling me that people who are frightened by having to shower next to a gay person are brave enough to sign up for the army? That’s nonsense. Are you telling me that bigotry is really going to deter the patriots who sign up to defend you?

    I never said anything about “fear”, I used words like ‘discomfort’ or ‘repulsion’. The same words straight women might use of forced to shower and share billets with straight men.

    And the discomfort is not based on ‘bigotry’.

    You homosexuals really need to stop using the vocabulary of hysteria and extremism. It only reinforces the stereotype you are trying to escape.

  • yeson8won

    @Landon Bryce: There are going to be fewer and fewer desirable recruits who will stand for DADT.

    You have zero evidence to support this other than your own bigoted point of view.

  • schlukitz

    @Landon Bryce:

    Excellent points, Landon.

  • Jim

    @yeson8won: Hello Pot? This is yeson8. You are black dude!!

  • yeson8won

    @schlukitz: Excellent points yeson8won


  • Jim

    @yeson8won: LOL – you are so much of an idiot you don’t even know when people are disagreeing with you. Crawl back under your rock loser.

  • yeson8won

    @Jim: Jim thanks for responding to my post in a detailed, civil, non-bigoted, tolerant way.

    You have definitely advanced the debate with your thoughtful comments.

  • Jim

    @yeson8won: Don’t like it? Then spew your hate and intollerance somewhere else. Why are you on a gay site anyway? The pictures give you a funny feeling in your tummy and make your thingie tingle?

  • yeson8won

    @Jim: Why are you on a gay site anyway?

    Is this a ‘gay site’?

    If so I know how tolerant and open-minded homosexuals are, and how you welcome diverse opinions in the same way you demand tolerance from others.

  • schlukitz


    Go back and re-read my post no. 132 which was directed at Landon Bryce, not you, you fucking moron!

    You obviously didn’t listen to you mother when she told you to stop diddling yourself in the sandbox or you’d need glasses when you got older.

  • Jim

    @yeson8won: You expect us to tolerate you spewing hate and intolerance? Damn – you are more stupid than I thought.

  • yeson8won

    SCHLUKITZ: you fucking moron!

    You obviously didn’t listen to you mother when she told you to stop diddling yourself in the sandbox or you’d need glasses when you got older.

    Jim: You expect us to tolerate you spewing hate and intolerance? Damn – you are more stupid than I thought.

    You homosexuals just don’t get it!

    You always demand tolerance from others whilst being INTOLERANT yourselves!

    No wonder We The People keep voting against redefining marriage for homosexuals.

  • Jim

    @yeson8won: We the Bigots you mean.

    Times are changing and bigots like you are going the way of the dodo.

    Good riddance. Now please do us all a favor and go back to your nombie meetings and tell them the queers don’t care what you think. They recognize you for what you are – an unthinking bigot with his head stuck up his own ass.

  • schlukitz


    You are just like the religious right.

    You just keep repeating the same old charges, over and over and over?

    It must be a real bitch being so mentally challenged that you can’t seem to come up with anything new of substance with which to support your platform of ignorance and stupidity.

    In fact, most “normal” people would be quite pissed off at being called some of the things you’ve been called on this site. The comments seem to slide off you like water off a duck’s ass.

    One can only conclude that you are too stupid to feel insulted or put upon.

    Either that, or you are a mental masochist who gets off on the verbal abuse.

  • Jim

    @schlukitz: you mean the “religious” WRONG.

    He probably is getting off on getting insulted. Most likely can’t get it up unless mommy is telling him what a bad boy he is.

    And he has the balls to call us sick. What a perv.

  • yeson8won

    @Jim: Times are changing and bigots like you are going the way of the dodo.

    Not really Jim.

    In the last few years 30 states have amended their Constitutions to defend traditional marriage from attack by homosexuals. 15 others have adopted DOMA.

    Americans vote against redefining marriage to accommodate homosexuals every chance they get.

    Perhaps it’s the homosexual activists who are going the way of the dodo?

  • yeson8won

    @schlukitz: The comments seem to slide off you like water off a duck’s ass.

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I really don’t worry to much about attacks from you tolerant, open-minded, progressive, homosexuals.

    In fact I feel more pity toward you than anything else.

  • Jim

    @yeson8won: Once again you display your ignorance for all to see.

    More states have leagalized same sex marriage in the last few months.

    See that is the present. You and your bigoted kind are thankfully soon to be a thing of the past.

  • schlukitz


    Oh, please don’t waste your pity on us. Save it for yourself.

    You may need it one day soon.

  • schlukitz


    Guess you haven’t read either Obama’s or Clinton’s statements yet, have you?

  • galefan2004

    Want to bring your own agenda to your presidency but instead end up cleaning up a mess left for you by some idiot that had to have his daddy buy him Cs in college you are definitely a punch line. Lets not forget the biggest punch line of all here, Obama is over worked and underpaid. He hasn’t even been able to touch his agenda for presidency. He has been to busy cleaning up the Bush mess. Everything he has done so far has been about alleviating the Bush fall out in one way or the other. When he is half way through his first term and most of this stuff, hopefully, is behind us and he still hasn’t worked on any of his campaign promises then it will be time to get on the anti-Obama bandwagon. Until then, stfu.

  • galefan2004

    You know, I hate to say this, but I’ve waited 30 years of my life for gay equality. I will wait 30 more if I have to. What I’m unwilling to wait for is a balanced economy where we can afford to feed our children. What I will refuse to wait for is an end to a war effort where we send our young men and women to die. Maybe, as a gay community, we need to step back and realize our issues matter but they don’t matter anywhere near that of an economy where people are killing themselves to avoid the strains of bankruptcy after being laid off from the job they worked for for 34 years (one year short of retirement) or people are losing their pensions and their stocks after working all their lives just to get them. Do I want the right to marry? You bet your ass I do. Do I want the right to be out in the military? You bet your ass I do. Do I think that these rights are more important then fixing the economy and ending the war in Iraq? You bet your ass, I DO NOT!

  • galefan2004

    ENDA is a crock. Look at how well affirmative action has worked. Why do you think its a good idea to make it more feasible for people that couldn’t get there on their own merits to have a legal recourse because they are gay. The more protections you put on any worker the less likely it is that the company is willing to hire that worker outside of the quota system, and if you think there are not ways to get around illegal work place discrimination then you are simply fooling yourself.

  • yeson8won

    @galefan2004: I agree.

    Don’t employers have a right to hire people who are suitable for the job?

    Would GLAAD hire someone who opposes homosexual marriage?

    Would the Jewish Defense League hire a Muslim or a white supremacist?

    Would IBM hire someone with purple hair and nose rings to sell their products?

    Sometimes a homosexual may not be right for the job.

    It’s just another example of homosexuals demanding tolerance from others whilst being intolerant themselves.

  • schlukitz


    “I will wait 30 more if I have to.”

    And I will just bet that you will be bitterly angry to have been proven wrong!

  • Jim

    @galefan2004: How does it feel to have the sites resident homophobic asshole(yeson8won)agree with you?

    The economy is an issue. But so are my rights. He has time to pal around with athletes he has time to hold up his promises.

    I have not waited 30 years. Nor do I intend to.

  • yeson8won

    @Jim: How does it feel to have the sites resident homophobic asshole(yeson8won)agree with you?

    Jim thanks for your courteous and thoughtful comments which really helps advance the debate.

  • schlukitz


    You are seriously deluded.

    It never a debate to begin with.

    It was more like a surf-by shooting.

    And, you’re holding the smoking gun!

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