Barack Obama Hands Bill O’Reilly The Super Bowl’s Most Anticipated Interview

President Barack Obama, whose administration has previously labeled Fox News a venue that “often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party,” will sit down for a Super Bowl Sunday interview with Bill O’Reilly. It follows Obama’s Super Bowl chat with Katie Couric last year, and Matt Lauer the year before that. This one will be interesting because FNC’s broadcast cousin, the Fox network, is airing this year’s big game. So while O’Reilly is still the guy who picks on the president for being boring, he’s also the guy that sometimes plays that fun game of “Is Obama a Muslim?”

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  • CJ

    Who cares? The nostalgia with Obama has worn off. Everyone now knows that he’s just a politician. Besides, he just hired another Chicago politician to work closely with him in the WH. Politics as usual.

    I am convinced that our “allies” who passed the DADT repeal recently never would have had the guts to vote for this repeal hadn’t there been several courtroom victories in the last year. The momentum for change in civil rights is not coming from Washington DC… but from across federal courtroom across the USA. Maybe our politicians will eventually embrace full equality vs. just speaking words… or endorsing civil unions as a politically safe alternative.

    As for me, I’ve stopped watching Obama interviews and speeches.

  • robert

    so Obama is talking to O’Reilly’? he has done this before so what is the big deal? DADT repeal happened under Obama’s watch. I am not sure it matters how it happened but it did. anything else regarding how it happened is conjecture

  • tjr101

    There are a lot of conservative gays who are disappointed DADT repeal happened under Obama. As if it would’ve happened with a Republican in office.

  • Barney

    “he’s also the guy that sometimes plays that fun game of “Is Obama a Muslim?”..never, ever, have I heard O’Reilly play this one. Who wrote this article?

  • ewe

    If Obama appears on Jay Leno (the homophobic asshole) program, i don’t see why appearing on Bill Oreilly( the former inside edition gossip queen hellbent on anger) show should be any more or less significant. I find it disappointing and would much rather hear an interview with Noam Chomsky.

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