Barack Obama: I Am A Bullying Victim

In October, President Obama released an It Gets Better video, telling gay (and other bullied) kids that life won’t always be a cesspool of harassment. Yesterday at the White House’s bullying conference, he explained he speaks from first-hand experience: “I have to say that with big ears and the name that I have, I wasn’t immune. I didn’t emerge unscathed.” So remember that, kids: Just because you have some characteristic that invites teasing in grade school, you too can end up at Harvard Law School and then the White House! Of course that path is really just an invitation to further bullying, but you get the idea.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Barry’s “It Gets Better” video came so late that is barely caused a ripple.

  • John

    That’s a shame. Yet now is the time to be an adult, Barry, and break the cycle of abuse. Please stop smacking us around and act like a man for once in your life.

  • reason

    @christopher di spirito: This is not a it gets better video, he did that video an age ago. This is actually following up and actually making a sustained effort to reduce the problem, rather than making the beloved photo opp and tough talk that satisfies constituents without getting results. Where are all those other stars and figures that made videos? They made a little noise to make the gays slobber all over them and disappeared just like the media and the other gays making an uproar. Now that the tormented gays are being swept under the rug again people can get back to their parties and drug indulgences.

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