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Barack Obama’s Gay Lover and Coke Snorter Is Running For Congress


Are you willing to vote for a candidate just because he’s gay? Larry Sinclair hopes so. The convicted felon who claims he once snorted cocaine and hooked up with with Obama would like to be Florida’s next U.S. congressman. Because he’s tired of Obama’s policies!

Despite failing a lie detector test about his supposed 1999 rendezvous with the now-president, Sinclair stands by his story. Fine. But how much can you trust a guy who served time for theft and forgery charges?

Or forget trust. Would you at least vote for him? Running for Florida’s 24th Congressional District seat in a battle against Democrat Suzanne Kosmas — who, let’s be clear, he cannot stand — Sinclair says he has “become determined to get involved after seeing first hand the efforts of Barack Obama and his administration to destroy anyone who dares speak the truth.”


And he’s not going to shy away from his own misdeeds: “I have criminal convictions between 1981 thru 1986 for ‘Theft’ based on writing bad checks; ‘Forgery’ for signing former Youth Counselors names to checks, and ‘Unauthorized use of a Financial Transaction Device’ from using a credit card number by phone to pay a hotel stay in 1986. I do not hide from my past and I have always admitted to my wrong doings. Now there are people who have and will continue to misrepresent and distort my past, but that will not deter me from running for the U.S. Congressional Seat in Florida District 24.
It is time that the people are represented by the people and not individuals who have made millions from Public Office.”

Okay, so what’s the cadet’s platform? Well he’s basically your next civil rights champion.

1. I am a life long openly gay male who believes marriage is and should always be, between one man an one woman. I support “Domestic Partner” laws like the one established in California with one exception: Domestic Partners should be required to file dissolutions and be subject to community property splits when dissolving said partnerships.

2. I believe the recent Federal Hate Crimes Bill signed into law by Barack Obama is unnecessary and contradictory to the fair treatment of ALL Americans.

3. I believe the current Health Care Reform Bill’s will destroy the medical care in America and will result in many more Americans being denied necessary medical care.

4. I believe the bailouts and stimulus MUST stop and STOP NOW.

5. I believe that America must stop being divided into groups. We must stop referring to Americans as African-American, Mexican-American, Asian-American, etc… and start referring to Americans as AMERICANS.

7. I believe the people should be represented by the people and not the multimillionaires that currently control the halls of Congress.

8. I know Barack Obama is a liar and a fraud, and I will not be bullied by the Obama administration or Nancy Pelosi. I will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and hold her accountable for the residents of Florida’s 24th Congressional District.

9. I believe we MUST SUPPORT our men and women in uniform regardless of our personal views on whether we should be in Iraq & Afghanistan. My personal views on Afghanistan is that we should look for a way to SAFELY get our troops out. President Obama has used Afghanistan for political plays for too long and it needs to stop now.

10. I believe LIFE begins at conception. If elected, I will introduce legislation to make an unborn fetus protected as a living person.

11. I believe in and will vigorously defend the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

Larry Sinclair for Congress. Because it’s funny.