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Barack Obama’s Gospel Preacher Donnie McClurkin Is On An Anti-Gay Ragefest (Again)

Donnie McClurkin is the ex-gay gospel singing pastor who once sang for Barack Obama. This month, he became notable for another reason: Railing against a fellow gay gospel singing pastor.

In September, gospel singer Tonex came out, which didn’t surprise many, given the rumors. But McClurkin — who Obama disagrees with but, like Rick Warren, refused to exclude from his presidency — who says were it not for Jesus “I would be homosexual to this day,” sees no good in a man who sleeps with other men speaking to his same black church audiences. Which is why at Saturday’s Church of God in Christ’s Holy Convocation Youth Service, he went off the rail in attacking Tonex, and all of gay America.

All those “feminine men, feminine boys” that McClurkin sees are evidence this country is going to shit. (This, despite, McClurkin’s own carrying on with dudes.) He’s a guy who refuses to believe sexuality is innate; he once yearned for other men “because a broken man thrust an 8-year-old boy into this whirlwind.”

But McClurkin isn’t just going after batty boys, but as Rod 2.0 notes, girls too. He blames all their password-protected computers and iPhones. Heh, us too.

This could easily be a comedy routine. Sadly, it is not, and these young people are tuning in.