Barack Reaching Out To Anti-Gays

Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign’s taking it’s show on the road with some holy rollers – and homo heads are spinning!

The Democratic senator and his staff announced the “Embrace the Change” gospel tour. The tour, which cruises around South Carolina, will include gospel acts Mary Mary, Hezekiah Walker, Bryon Cage and a real mensch named Donnie McClurkin, a man who would really like gays to embrace the change:

Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, who has detailed his struggle with gay tendencies and vowed to battle “the curse of homosexuality,” said yesterday he’ll perform as scheduled at the Republican National Convention on Thursday, despite controversy over his view that sexuality can be changed by religious intervention.

Wait, let’s get this straight: Barack Obama, who pandered to gay voters at HRC’s gay forum, will now join forces with a self-repressed religionist? Obama, a man who preaches about political hope, has enlisted a McClurkin, who blames his homosexuality on being raped and one said, “I’ve been through this and have experienced God’s power to change my lifestyle…I am delivered and I know God can deliver others, too.” Fuck, Obama should just hire Alan Chambers as his policy director!

Obama’s religious affairs director Joshua DuBois celebrated the announcement, saying

This is another example of how Barack Obama is defying conventional wisdom about how politics is done and giving new meaning to meeting people at the grassroots level. This concert tour is going to bring new people into the political process and engage people of faith in an unprecedented way.

Not to mention giving gay voters a new view of a candidate who’s devotion to potentially oppressive religion may prove troublesome.

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  • faghag

    One more reason why people should votefor Hillary

  • jobradfield

    This really surprised me!

  • Dawster

    I don’t know why this is surprising. Obama said at the Logo forum that he goes to talk at predominately black and ant-gay churches… He has in the past and he would in the future. he mentioned that he talks about “growth” and learning to accept others… in efforts to help them preach less hate, and more tolerance, “embrace change”, etc. etc. etc.

    knowing that already, i’m not exactly sure why this was considered surprising or “news” other than Donnie McClurkin is singing… someone would have to know who he is, and i never heard of him until this “story” broke.

    It would be interesting to see if Obama knew this or not, and if McClurkin stays with the tour after this “scandal”… (nothing surprises me anymore).

    I don’t find it much different than Hillary (or Bill) going to all the Southern Baptist churches in the south… all of who are VERY anti-gay.

    But carrying around a person who is “fighting homosexual tendencies” is a little odd…. not very cool at all.

  • tiffany

    About time all the gay Obama lovers got a reality check. Haven’t we spent enough time trying to get homophobia and religion out of the White House?

  • Dawster

    (and after seeing some clips of Donnie… i’m sorry… “ex-gay” my ass… that boy is GAY GAY GAY… god isn’t fooled AT ALL….)

  • rock

    If anyone has read Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope” this should come as no shock….in it he speaks of that his religious beliefs are such that he sees homosexuality as a sin and he cannot accept homosexuality.

    Reverand Irene Monroe (in which Queerty has been, as usual, way ahead of the curve on reporting issues) has spoken to the code language that Obama uses and outs him as a homophobe.

    Indeed, it was on of my str8 friends who about a year ago pointed out that Obama is a huge homophobe and not to be trusted. My own reading of articles about Obama and his own words does indeed indicate as Reverand Irene Moore has repeatedly stated is that Obama is a huge homophobe.

    But then again, when it takes Shillary to not dispute General Peter Pace (and had to be told that she should have) and her comments that she can’t accept same sex marriage based upon her own religious beliefs, well Shillary is exactly the same as Obama….even more so given that the 2 major issues affecting our community were enacted into law and set off signinficant homophobia in the country were Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and DOMA signed into law by guess who…..Shillary’s Co President….Billary Clinton..

    and why is that we would support such homophobes? as Melissa Etheridge said the Clintons threw us under the bus and ran over us….and here is a hint to buy a clue and get a vowel….Obama is the same as the Clintons.

  • Bob R

    The thought of voting for Hillary makes me sick. I may end up doing that if she is the eventual nominee. If I do vote for her, I’ll have to go home and shower afterward. But, if Obama is on ticket, I’ll just stay home or go with a third party candidate. I do not trust and do not like Obama and will not support him in any capacity.

  • Leland Frances

    While this confirms my gut feeling that Obama’s gay-positive attitudes are only skin deep, I WILL STILL VOTE FOR HIM for President should he get the nomination because while he and his white, straight male advisors are CLUELESS about us they are only proposing campaigning with a homohating Psychopath For Jesus [soon to be busted in a gay scandal near you] about whom they failed to do “due diligence” versus someone like Arnold who consciously hired a professional homobasher to wrangle votes FROM homophobes for his reelection campaign. The REPUG CANDIDATES for President ARE HOMOHATERS THEMSELVES!!!

    We can’t be certain what any candidate will do in office BUT when every Repug says he WON’T support gay rights, e.g., is AGAINST overturning DADTDP, and EVERY Dem says they will, then who ya gonna call? Who you going to bet on? The horse that hasn’t always come in first or the horse totally running the wrong direction?

    That is unless you’re a mindreader like …drumroll….the Amazing RB. Ta duh! Tell us, were you born with this gift to know for certain that the gay rights statements, both oral and written, by EVERY Dem candidate are insincere while the statements and actions by the Repugs look like white sheet fittings.

    No Dem showed up at the “Value Voters” orgy this weekend where all the Repug candidates were on their knees giving bad blow jobs to the fascist faithful? Wonder why Rudy didn’t do his drag act there? Did he take his former gay hosts, you know the couple that he briefly lived with after dumping his wife for his mistress that fools so many into thinking he really loves us. Fuck that DELUSION! Two words: Mary Cheney.

    Before he finally died of having eaten too many hog jowls, was any Dem seen publicly rimming the hog-jowled Jerry Falwell as most of the Repugs have, including so-called fair, decent, civil libertarian John McCain who once publicly memorialized the heroism of Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham? McCain’s problem isn’t skin cancer, it’s cancer of the soul, and it’s equally terminal in Rudy “Domestic Partnerships Are Too Much Like Marriage” Giuliani, Mitt the AntiChrist, Sam OnMyBack for Jesus, and Fred Even Nixon Thought He Was Dumb Thompson.

    And fucking spare me the Tourette’s seizures claiming DADT and DOMA “set off signinficant [sic] homophobia in the country”! What a crock! Didn’t you forget to blame the Clintons for AIDS and your acne, too?

    Tourette’s Seizure #2 to avoid: marriage equality. It’s a dog that will not hunt in this election for anyone. Bottom line: Hillary and Edwards are ahead of him now in understanding, but Obama can be educated. None of the Repugs even want to try. [See: Romney/Massachusetts/Gay Marriage; Giuliani on New Hampshire DPs, etc., etc., etc.].

    Remember only 537 votes changed History in 2000. Or do you want eight more years of a Repugnant White House?

  • Bill Perdue

    The choice of a jackass as the Democratic Party’s symbol can’t have been an accident.

    Jackass Party candidate Obama has latched on to Hillary Clintons method of appearing with bigots like the ex gay McClurkin and ‘dialoging’ with christians. She’s been doing that for the last year or so and it shows in her poll numbers and her draw from Republicans and bigoted christian women. If he’s to have any chance at all Obama will have to scurry much further and faster to the right to pick up some of Clintons bigot votes.

    Clinton got her early lead because she and Bill Clinton supported the federal DADT and DOMA laws that shoved GLBT folk into second class status citizenship. Gay basher Pelosi and quisling Frank were doing the same when they eliminated transsexuals from federal civil rights protections entirely. Now their gutted version of ENDA is at best a symbolic, toothless bill that will only appeal to a few seriously clueless (or rightwing) GLBT folks and to the bosses who make a mint paying lower wages to us. It’s been overwhelmingly rejected by the active wing of the GLBT movement.

    The major candidates of both parties either oppose samesex marriage or take the cowards way out to mollify bigots, a carry over of their decade long support for the federal DOMA. DOMA passed with a bone crushing bipartisan majority of 85-24 in the Senate and 342-67 in the House. (Remember, only509 votes, most of them bipartisan Democrats and Republicans bigot votes changed our lives for the worse.) Then Bill Clinton, this was before Monica’s dress got so stained, hastily signed it into law to “guarantee the sanctity of marriage” . In truth, it was to attract bigoted voters in the congressional elections that occurred two weeks later in the fall of ’96.

    The road the Democrats and Republicans have chosen is leading them and their supporters’ inescapably to the right. The superficial distinctions between the parties will diminish even further as issues like Bush’s oil war in the Mideast, their common anti-labor program and their unending attempts to appeal to bigots’ leads to more and more shake-ups and splintering in US politics as a whole.

    A Republican politician is a baboon in a people suit with a totalitarian christian attached at the hip. A Democratic politician is a Republican in drag.

  • lk1120


    That is a lie.
    Quote from the Audacity of Hope
    “For many practicing Christians, the same inability to compromise may apply to gay marriage. I find such a position troublesome, particularly in a society in which Christian men and women have been known to engage in adultery or other violations of their faith without civil penalty. I [am not] willing to accept a reading of the Bible that considers an obscure line in Romans to be more defining of Christianity than the Sermon on the Mount.” (222)

  • Leland Frances

    And Comrade Perdue is just the oldest living Fag for Stalin still trying to shit stir the sane into not voting at all. “Bigots for Hillary”—is that a registered PAC?

    537 votes in 2000 changed History.

  • Raymond A

    This is irresponsible reporting. There is not one iota of evidence that the Obama campaign recruited McClurkin to sing for him to reach out to anti-gays. Nothing. Zilch.

    Separately, will all of the people who condemn Obama for this also condemn Hillary and withhold their votes from her? She actively courted anti-gay black ministers, and received the endorsement from at least one. Obama has merely asked this character to sing, not to make policy statements for him.

  • Bill Perdue

    Inventing and smiting straw men is a job for children and idiots although most of them aren’t as lazy about it as Frances, whose clock seems to be stopping. When he’s not wailing at straw men he’s having senescent hissy fits.

    The major candidates of both parties either oppose samesex marriage or take the cowards way out to mollify bigots, a carry over of their decade long support for the federal DOMA. DOMA passed with a bone crushing bipartisan majority of 85-24 in the Senate and 342-67 in the House. (Remember, only 509 votes in 1996, most of them bipartisan Democrats and Republicans and all of them bigot votes, changed our lives for the worse.) After getting overwhelming Democratic support in the Congress, Bill Clinton (all this was before Monica’s dress got those weird stains on it) hastily signed it into law to “guarantee the sanctity of marriage”.

    Clinton was, as usual, being slick Willie, i.e., lying through his teeth. The Democrats and Republicans voted for it and he signed it, all of them eager to attract bigoted voters in the congressional elections that occurred two weeks later in the fall of ’96.

    Vote against Democrats and Republicans and for socialist or communist parties (or write in Malcolm X) and join and build the union led US Labor Party.

  • einbethel

    Actually, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Flip flopping is never going to end, Candidates will sell their soul and say anything to get votes.

  • Esther

    Barak Obama is campaigning for the office of President of the United States. Shall he only represent a segment of the American population? Shall he only campaign with the approval of select sexual-lifestyle preference groups? Or shall he reach out to all Americans and therefore represent all Americans in his campaign for this great office? I praise Mr. Obama for not succombing to the pressure of special interest groups and pandering to them exclusively, and for the courage include Donnie McClurckin in his tour.

  • mysistagirl

    I am fully aware of the outcry from the GLBT community, but frankly, the reaction to this concert and the billing of Donnie McClurkin by the gay and lesbian lobby is completely hypocritical and plain outrageous.

    This is a gospel concert, and signing up one of the greatest gospel talents in the known universe is a good thing for the cause. And the cause, in case some didn’t know it, is to reach out to the faith community in gospel song. It is not to address gay and lesbian issues. Mr. McClurkin’s views on gay and lesbians have nothing what so ever to do with his musical talent and stature.

    If a company was hiring electrical engineers, and one of the most qualified applicants was gay, should they be disqualified because of that? Of course not. They should be judged on the merits as it applies to the job for which they are being sought, and this is exactly what the gay and lesbian community is constantly harping about. Yet, in this instance they are asking the Obama camp to engage in the same kind of discriminatory practice that they themselves abhor. Shame on them. Please don’t do it!

    Mr. McClurkin is an extremely accomplished gospel singer, extremely popular in the faith community and very, very much so in the African American community of faith. For the Obama camp to diss this artist at the behest of the hypocritical gay and lesbian community, is to do serious damage to his constituency in the AA community and the community of faith. The gay and lesbian community DOES NOT OWN the democratic party and their interests are not the only ones that matter, especially when they require a candidate to diss other important constituents.

    The Obama campaign was obviously looking for top notch performers for this concert, and I don’t think there is one single member of the GLBT community that could effectively argue against Mr. McClurkin’s credentials. Therefore, it is hypocritical of them to inject an artificial litmus test into who should or should not perform.

    The GLBT community must be told to show some maturity on this issue and practice the same tolerance that they seek, instead of the self serving hypocrisy that they are currently espousing.

    At the bottom of this post is the link to an article of an interview with Mr. McClurkin on this controversy. I think it shows that Donnie is a bigger person than anyone I’ve seen posting from the GLBT community on this issue.

    Despite his differences with Senator Obama (and most democrats for that matter) on the subject of GLBT issues, he is willing to put that aside in order to support the much needed change that this country is in crying for. Mr. McClurkin knows what kind of draw he has in the faith community and the african american community, and I was surprised, but very glad that he is willing to lend it to the campaign.

    Now if only the GBLT community would show some measure of the same maturity on this, we could move on, instead of derailing this campaign over a non issue.

    Read this Link:,0,1934206.story

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    There is verbal and nonverbal code in politics. The nonverbal code is a nod and wink to a particular consituency that says : ” I’m really with you, and you are my base of support, but these folks vote for me too, and I have to keep them, so, sing, brother, sing, and disregard what I must verbalise to you.”

    The problem is, of course, that despite a keen intelligence, the senator is a political neophyte and he has been told that the homophobic preachers are the key to unleash some black support going to Billary as payback for their 8 years in office.

  • rjp3

    This very sad confused man thinks my sexuality is a curse. He instructs people how to hate. He talks about killing homosexuality/the curse.

    Sorry this man is a common dangerous fool.
    I would not vote for Obama for Dog Catcher now for showing up on the same stage with him.

    A Time to Hate – Donnie McClerkin

    The seed that was planted had to be first destroyed from the root and plucked up. I had to become tired of the torment and seek a genuine exit from the desire. I read in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time to love and a time to hate. That struck me as odd because I had never heard a sermon deal with why to, what to, who to and how to hate. I had to learn how to actually hate the thing that was abhorrent to God—even if it is in me.God started to deal with me through that Scripture and show me what He meant:

    1. Why to hate. He hates the things that are purposed to destroy the ones He loves and are against His nature and design. He created me to be a whole man and to love one woman. Anything else is perversion of the male purpose.

    2. What to hate. Whatever has been sent to confuse, delay and deny me of my purpose has to become my enemy.

    3. Whom to hate. The church tends to misdirect their emotions toward what they deem “sin,” we condemn the person instead of the deed. We have damaged and lost so many with our pious and sanctimonious attitudes.

    Ephesians 6:12 says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (KJV). Our battle is not with a person, but with the spirit that caused things to happen through the person. I do not hate the men who sexually abused me in my childhood, nor the predators who preyed on me in my weakness. I hate what caused these men to do this, what infected their minds and brought them to damage a child’s life.

    (Clearly he never preaches against pedophilia, he preaches against homosexuality. This man is a hate monger in the clearest sense – in his own words. He thinks homosexuals raped him, not pedophiles. Sad sad sad.)

    4. How to hate. Develop a “dislike” for the things that have interrupted your happiness. See that wrong is wrong, no matter how you feel. The appetite that has been developed through years of abuse for things that are harmful must change. Regardless of how comfortable you have become in these situations. I began to pray daily, especially when the lust would stir up: “Lord, teach me how to hate what You hate.” I would constantly recite, “Every enemy of God is an enemy of mine.”

    While my struggle continued, the more I immersed myself in the study of the Scriptures and used those verses during my temptation, I began to win the battle. Psalm 119:9-11 (NKJV) says: “How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word. With my whole heart, I have sought You; Oh, let me not wander from Your commandments! Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” By the Power of GodI found that when I knew the Scriptures and used them in the midst of my temptation, they gave me strength to overcome. I do not want it to sound so simple; there are many other things to be done to break the curse of homosexuality. The power of Scripture did help bring me to total deliverance. The seed was killed from its root, plucked up, and now there is a seed of righteousness that is incorruptible.

  • rjp3

    One last point – I also on instinct do not trust or like Obama – there is something just not open and truthful about him.

    Would like EDWARDS 08, but would take Hilary/Bill Clinton 08.

    If Obama is on any ticket – even as VP it will be hard for me to pull a lever for him after this obvious judgement / organizational issue.

    I spoke to a young man answering his campaign lines yesterday – he said he believes this was a “vetting” issue. Nice spin. Dont believe it.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    On the LOGO programme – a tape of which I finally viewed online – suggested that it was Bill Richardson who was pilloried by the panel.

    It is often stated that it would not be in Hillary’s best interests, being a woman with serious chances at election, to further complicate the matter with some by chosing Obama for a double whammy first ever category.

    It is why there are a few favourable conservative DLC corporate pols in and out of political office who could fill the slot.

    It is interesting that the black candidate is half white; while the hispanic candidate is also half white. Bill Richardson is plausible as a candidate, but his reality and the immigration problems may drive a wedge in a poll-driven and pragmatic centrist candidacy.

  • rjp3


    I call bullshit – what if Obama was going to Don Imus up on that stage?

    I believe the Afican American community had him FIRED for a stupid joke he made without thinking – yes in very poor taste but hardly calling all black people cursed by god. (

    This Gospel guys goes around preaching that a HUGE number of human who are HAPPY with THEIR God Given sexuality are CURSED.

    Hypocritical …. hardly. Smart and taking a stand against the bigots … even when they are in the majority.

    We as humans – straight, bi and gay – are done with this religious based ignorance.

    Your great Gospel singer is a bigot.
    Period. Sounds like you are as well.

    You know there are some very talented and popular white supremist groups … how would you feel if a candidate had them sing at his event ?

  • rjp3

    Esther says:
    Barak Obama is campaigning for the office of President of the United States. Shall he only represent a segment of the American population? Shall he only campaign with the approval of select sexual-lifestyle preference groups?

    NO – all Americans should be against sexual bigotry and inequality. We are ADULT AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    We will not allow other Adult American Citizens keep up in a second class position based on religious texts and human ignorance.

    Period. This battle for equality and justice does not allow a middle ground of mere tolerance for gays. Equality is what we as American citizens deserve and demand.

    No justice. No peace.

  • Jessica

    I believe Donnie McClurkin has always said that he only ministers to homosexuals who desire to come out of their lifestyle. He clearly states that if you don’t see anything wrong with the lifestyle, and you like it, then he is not speaking to you. He gets hundreds of e-mails every day from men and women (especially teens) who say they know they’re gay but they want out of the lifestyle. Donnie, like you and I, have a right to his opinion and no one should berate him because of his opinion.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Let me also speak about bringing the message of hope, compassion and contextual theology to the theocrat dominionist is indeed a very important ministry for anyone.

    Most mainline denominations have wings or caucuses who espouse both conservative and liberal theologies. Not so with the fundamentalist and theocrat dominionist. These ideologues have based their entire ministry upon the presence and absence of “Christians” who agree to every jot and tittle (historical emphasis intended) of the homophobic programme.

    A good example is the co-founder of Focus on the Family, with James Dobson. This individual spent a decade on radio with Dobson expounding on their beliefs.

    A few years ago, this man broke with Dobson mainly because of his spiritual oppression and violence against gays and lesbians. This man actually printed an open apology to the community in the USA and Canada for his support of the Dobson agenda.

  • rjp3

    Donnie McClerkin: BOLD FACE LIAR.

    Said today he has been taken out of context and does not want to CURE anyone. Nice parsing of words.

    No he wants to DELIVER them from a CURSE.

    That is crazier and worse.

    “I do not want it to sound so simple; there are many other things to be done to break the curse of homosexuality.” Donnie McClerkin LIAR

    Sorry – you can not calling a something a curse, and say you are only trying to help the unhappy.
    He is creating more unhappiness with his rhetoric.
    I believe many BI-sexuals can choose how to live, if McClerkin was running a ministry to help bisexuals learn to live with being monogamous with one sex. Sure more power to him. As long as he did not wrap it in the lanquage of CURSES and something GOD HATES, and a PERVERSION.

    Sorry RELIGIOUS hate speech was wrong when it was used to justify slavery, it was wrong when used to try and keep the vote away from women, it is wrong to use it to keep gays and bisexuals as second class American Citizens. Anytime you declare someone cursed and perverted you are doing just that. Sexual Equality now.

  • johnysh

    from :

    Friday, August 27, 2004

    Typical GOP Entertainer

    “Gays are trying to kill our children.”
    “Gays can be cured.”
    “Homosexuality is a curse.”
    “Homosexuality is caused by child rape and abuse.”

    “The gloves are off and if there’s going to be a war, there’s going to be a war. But it will be a war with a purpose.”

    “I’m not in the mood to play with those who are trying to kill our children.” – Donnie McClurkin, GOP Convention entertainer speaking about gays.

    Donnie believes this is the era for the mega-church. He says that if the churches can get together and unite, then Christians can have a major voice against the homosexual agenda. “There is not enough being said. Thank God for The 700 Club – no fanfare intended. There are no Christian programs telling the news like it is. It’s time for Christians to stand up and fight.”

  • Judaoist

    I am nit surprised either. He is pretty Christian. But he is also a Constitutional Lawyer and recognizes that marriage law would be no realm for our Federal gov’t to step foot in, as Bush has tried to do. Though he disagrees with homosexuality on a personal level, I think he would respect States’ Rights here when it comes to marriage reform.

  • Judaoist

    I also think voting in Barack would be our best shot at getting a comprehensive Civil Rights Bill drafted and approved to include gender rights.

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