Barack Rejected Black Gay Ministers

Barack Obama needs to fire his entire staff and start again.

Rumor has it the presidential candidate’s incompetent staffers rejected at least two popular black gay ministers in favor of their current cracker, Andy Sidden. Via Rod 2.0:

Several sources inside and outside the campaign confirm the names of TWO openly gay black pastors suggested by the National Black Justice Coalition and the Human Rights Campaign were rejected in favor of Rev. Sidden. Those names are: Bishop Yvette Flunder, an outstanding pastor and orator from San Francisco and Bishop Tonyia Rawls of Unity Fellowship in North Carolina.

In addition, Bishop Carlton Pearson of Oklahoma, whose inclusive ministry welcomes the LGBT community, was also rejected. A campaign source says Rev. Michael Eric Dyson, the so-called hip-hop intellectual, reportedly volunteered and was also rejected. Dyson is a prominent Obama supporter and very popular in hip-hop and with youth.

Apparently Obama wanted someone “local”.

Black bloggers are infuriated by Obama’s choice, including Keith Boykin, who says,

I don’t know if the Obama campaign realizes this, but inviting a white gay pastor to speak at a black gospel concert is not a smart move. Whoever is advising Obama really needs to reach out to people in the black community and re-think this whole approach.

Rod of Rod 2.0 says Obama’s decision perpetuates stereotypes of anti-gay black people.

On a somewhat related note, Obama disinvited his personal pastor from his presidential announcement. Why? Because his campaign feared pissing off white people and Jews.

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