Journo Stretches Imagination With Anti-Gay Accusation

Barack’s “Frat Moment”?

Lane Hudson has some beef with Barack Obama. The DC-based blogger believes Obama made a grave, potentially homophobic mistake during last night’s presidential debates. And he calls that mistake the presidential candidate’s “frat boy moment”.

Some of you may recall when Obama and Joe Biden were discussing the HIV/AIDS crisis, a hot topic during last night’s debates. During that discussion, Biden said that both he and Obama had been tested for HIV. A good message for the masses. Hudson, however, thinks Obama ruined the moment when he interjected:

I just got to make clear — I got tested with Michelle. When we were in Kenya in Africa. So I don’t want any confusion here about what’s going on.

Hudson seems to think Obama wanted to make sure the predominantly black crowd didn’t think he did dudes.

The journo writes,

[Obama] reverted back to schoolyard ways and had a complete frat boy moment wherein he felt it necessary to reaffirm his heterosexuality.

With one comment, he erased the possibility that he would start a meaningful conversation in the Black community about this serious issue. This seems to reveal not only some level of homophobia, but also a level of immaturity which causes me to question Obama’s ability to go all the way in this campaign.

Interesting idea, but we’re going to have to disagree. True, Obama’s comments came across as a little defensive, but more because of Biden’s tone when he said, “I got tested for AIDS. I know Barack got tested for AIDS been tested.” Judging from Obama’s reaction, he took it as a dig, but not an anti-gay dig.

Obama seems to be reminding people that he’s happily married, not sleeping around with women. Yes, it could be read as a denial of sex with men, but that’s a bit of a stretch. There’s nothing in Obama’s tone, nor Biden’s comment, that even hints at homosexuality. He wanted the world to know he went with his wife, from whom he has nothing to hide.

Perhaps Hudson can’t shake the association between AIDS and gays.

Here’s the video from last night’s debate. You kids judge yourselves and let us know what you think.