Barbara Corcoran Knows Real Estate, Gays, Gay Who Know Real Estate

Barbara Corcoran knows a thing or two about real estate. She wouldn’t have named her massively successful company after herself if she didn’t. So, how does this flat flatfoot find the best edifice? Through some pretty “wacky” tactics, she says on her blog, a litany of property-related tid-bits we would never have read had it not been for this piece from The New York Observer‘s John Koblin

Ever-ready for a tip, Corcoran says she’s constantly searching for the next “up and coming” neighborhoods, but sometimes needs a little help from the homo-help and other “open-minded” folk:

The best property leads I’ve ever chased have come from gay waiters or would-be actors serving my meal at a fancy restaurant. I’ve made a habit of asking, “So, where do you live?” and have learned the names of neighborhoods and small enclaves where the space you get is big and the rent is still cheap… I’ve found that actors, gays, and other open-minded types are comfortable being outsiders and consistently gravitate to neighborhoods that are both urban and open to the outsider. What they bring to their new locale is enthusiasm, a great sense of community, innate style and all their friends.

Oh, yes, you can always tell an area’s about to turn when you see the wave of homos a coming, their hair perfectly coiffed into the latest, coolest style and their clothes reeking of intuitive fabulosity. They’re just so tony. Rest assured they’ll bring nothing but the best, most in vogue element to the hood. Who cares if they’re broke? That’s even better! Then you can say you have a gay friend and a poor friend. How hip!

Corcoran closes by admitting that her tactics are a little unconventional, writing:

You won’t find that or any of my other whacky tactics in any economics book, but then I’m not an economist. Instead, I’m just rich!

And how…