Barbara Streisand Unimpressed By State Sanctioned Gay Pride Award

Every year, our country reminds its citizenry what will happen if they pursue a career in the performing arts by rounding up the most successful people to have tread the boards and forcing them to wear rainbow-striped bridles to remind everyone that the arts will turn you gay.

This year’s Kennedy Center honorees received their state-sanctioned gay pride paraphernalia last night. They are: Morgan Freeman (who got divorced earlier this year, probably because he turned gay), George Jones (who married gay icon Tammy Wynette), Twyla Tharp (best known for making Billy Joel gay by turning his music into a Broadway dance piece), Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of the Who (whose song “Rough Boys” made everyone think they were gay for years) and the one-and-only Barbra Streisand, who has nothing gay about her whatsoever.

All the honorees managed to make the schlep to D.C. from whatever far more interesting city/mansion/tour bus they came from, because you don’t make it as an artist unless you have a serious need for validation, even if it comes in the form of George W. Bush’s handshake– hands which we need not remind you, are cursed with a sort of anti-Midas power that turns everything they touch into manure.

But the career-killing powers of George W. Bush were not enough to deter the honorees from accepting from him their lifetime achievement in the performing arts awards, since this is the only nice thing the government does for the arts all year long.

There was one honoree who was less than impressed to be gayed-up for Dubya’s amusement. According to the NYTimes:

Ms. Streisand, 66, said, “I’ve won the Legion of Honor, but it’s nice to be honored when it’s your own country.”

Still, she said Saturday that she would not have minded waiting another year for the honor – when President Barack Obama would have been watching from the balcony of the Kennedy Center.

“Would have been nice,” she said. “I’m just glad he’s in.”

Streisand once referred to Bush as “an alien sent here to destroy the Earth”, so we have to assume the mention of the French Legion of Honor is a dig aimed at the freedom-fry-eating-soon-to-be-ex-President. Also, as evidenced by the picture above, Babs was not having the (let’s face it) incredibly tacky award and refused to wear it through the ceremony, thereby denying us the chance to see what Barbara Streisand would look like if she were to moonlight at one of those shops on Christopher Street that cater to gay tourists.

The entire ceremony will air December 30th on CBS.