Barbra Streisand Had Gaga, Travolta And Ryan Murphy Over For Dinner; What Do You Think They Talked About?

It was either some great thinker or a writer at Us Weekly who once opined: The stars are just like us. Whoever it was was full of rubbish, unless you live in Los Angeles and just happened to have a room full of the biggest names in the entertainment industry pop over for dinner last weekend. Take Barbra Streisand, for example. The EGOT-winning superstar and her hubby James Brolin (how handsome is this man??) had a few close friends, you know, like Lady Gaga, Ryan Murphy, John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, swing by her Malibu estate Saturday night for a simple dinner and polite conversation.

Sunday morning Gaga teased the globe her more than 10 million Instagram followers with the first photographic evidence of their beachside summit by posting this image of the two ladies embracing in profile. Proceed with caution, straight people: Gazing upon these two could possibly turn you homo.

Barbra and me. ? what a completely amazing woman. #Funnygirls

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Besides their enormous queer fan bases, these two towering talents have a lot in common, including embracing their strong ethnic looks that have helped redefine beauty for their respective eras. They could easily pass for mother and daughter, right? (More on that below.) Then minutes later, not to be outdone, Streisand posted a photo to her account of the entire assemblage. All those celebs huddled together for a quick group pic.

A wonderful evening at home. (L-R). Ryan Murphy. @ladygaga. John Travolta. @barbrastreisand. Kelly Preston. Jim Brolin. A photo posted by Barbra Streisand (@barbrastreisand) on

So that makes us wonder what the heck they were talking about over dinner. Here are a few options:

1. Streisand and Gaga will record a duet.

It’s not inconceivable. Partners, Streisand’s 2014 collection of duets with male recording artists, was her best-selling album in years and there were reports that a female version was forthcoming. With last year’s release of Cheek to Cheek, her album of standards sung alongside music legend (and Streisand’s label mate) Tony Bennett and their mini-tour, Gaga’s been earning heaps of respect for her often-overlooked skill as a songbird.

2. Barbra will guest on American Horror Story: Hotel.

OK, this is very unlikely. Barbra rarely even performs on chat shows, but you know this idea had to cross the mind of AHS producer Murphy and Gaga, who joined the recurring cast as a mysterious character called The Countess.

3. They compared notes on Larry Kramer.

You can bet cash money that this went down. Streisand famously tried very hard to get a feature film version of Kramer’s searing play The Normal Heart made for decades and, once the rights to the project were available, Murphy took it to HBO and made it with an all-star cast.

4. Behold the cast and crew of Gypsy.

Streisand has long-intended to headline a remake of the classic showbiz musical Gypsy. (Age issues aside, Mama Rose would make a splendid bookend to her film debut as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl.) Gaga would be ideally cast as Louise, who went on to become world-renowned stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, and is one of the few female entertainers under 30 who can hold her own opposite Babs (Better luck next time, Lea Michele). And here’s where Travolta enters the picture. Say what you will about him (and there’s plenty to be said), but the man can sing and dance and would be exceptional as Herbie, the story’s male lead, plus he and Streisand have spoken of their desire to work together since the 1970s. Murphy can produce…or maybe even direct.

Or perhaps it’s none of the above. Maybe it was just a bunch of famous people shooting the shit over dinner as friends, chatting about the weather and politics and the worries that come with superstardom. This happens every Saturday night in L.A.