Barbra Streisand: The $750 Woman

If you’re a Barbra Streisand fan, you’re probably already on her mailing list — and the mailing list for every concert ticket opportunity. A Queerty reader who happens to be a subscriber sent along this missive from Babs, notifying him of a special opportunity: to snag advance sale tickets to see Streisand at San Jose’s HP Pavilion. And they’re a steal: just $750!

Barbra Streisand tickets

Hell, we paid $350 for Madonna and nearly shit ourselves. Perhaps you can’t top $750 (or can you?), but let’s have at it: What’s the most outrageous price you’ve paid for concert tickets? And did you regret it?

After the jump, the full Barbra ticket notice.

Barbra Streisand tickets

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  • Dick

    I didn’t buy them but tickets for Cream’s 2005 Royal Albert Hall reunion gig were going for $3,000 on line from London Ticket brokers

  • ?!

    ..And HP Pavilion isn’t even that great a concert spot, if you ask me. I saw Dolly Parton there and had to crane my neck just to see her, hundreds of feet away like a tiny little speck with big hair.

  • niwde

    Is this a fund raising for her manicurist and pedicurist? A charitable foundation for the betterment of Bab’s nails? I had a trick once who after giving me a great head put on a wig and lypsinced to a whole Streisand cd. Well I’d rather have that again than pay $750 to see the real one.

  • rod

    and every queen making fun of this that has a $352 Madonna ticket: mr. pot is on the phone asking for a mr. kettle; could you please pick up?

    (granted I sold my $352 Madonna ticket on craigslist as I didn’t want to go with my ex ….)

  • Eric

    I paid $2500 for her New Year’s Eve concert in LV (supposed to be her last one ever) and then DIDN’T EVEN GO. Moron twice.

  • Liam

    I’m happy to say that my full conversion to homosexuality is complete. I got tickets to her 10/22 show at Bost0n Garden. I am not ashamed to say I love Barbra (however, I can honestly say I only have one of her albums, a double disk of greatest hits). I am certainly not the kind of guy who will be there with his aging mother. I see Barbra as the last of a generation of great singers like Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Judy Garland… there I go again. She’s a legend and I have no doubt this will be my one shot at seeing her perform live.

  • Richard

    I’ve needed to confess this for many years. Good for the soul, so they say. Two tix @ $1,500 each for 4th row, center, Blond Ambition. I still hate myself. I had to drink a bottle of champagne and take two hits of Ex just to relax because my wallet kept biting me in the ass.

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