Barney Frank, 70: Discrimination Against LGBTS Will End Before I Die

We are on the verge of major breakthroughs. … I can foresee now an end to legal inequality based on sexual orientation and gender equality some time in my lifetime.

—Rep. Barney Frank, who is serving his 17th term in Congress and celebrated his 70th birthday this week, and has an estimated 13.55 years left to live, thinks Obama’s recent DOMA decision and the coming repeal of DADT is the biggest indicators that today’s institutional discrimination will be a memory sooner rather than later [via]

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  • GetBalance

    And all on Obama’s watch. Fancy that u impatient morons. This guy is pure gold, shut up and let him do his work.

  • kernelt

    I too believe that…

  • Damon

    Emily Pankhurst and Martin Luther King are both dead and there’s still discrimination against blacks and women.

    Jus’ sayin’.

  • GetBalance

    Damon——-Barney said “legal inequality” not all inequality. On that point he is most likely correct if he lives out a natural lifetime w/o incident.

  • Fitz

    I hope I am wrong, but I ain’t seeing it.

  • justiceontherocks

    I hope he’s right and believe that he is. But it will come through the courts, not legislation, especially at the state level.

    That said, I wish he would get the hell out of Congress. His sucking up to Fannie Mae helped put the economy in shambles.

  • Kieran

    Actually the median life expectancy for men in the US is 75. Hopefully Barney will live much longer than that, but there’s still no time to lose.

  • Harbo

    I’ve gotta believe. Obama rocks!!

  • mjcc1987

    Hope I’m wrong, but the intense hate from the right along with them wining elections tells me Barney is wrong and we are in for a very tough decade. I don’t see SCOTUS supporting us either and may very well institutionalize homophobia.

  • Oprah

    Yeah, right. and i can envision a US gay president in the near future. Oh wait, maybe a Bisexual president?–like Biracial Obama?Glen Beck?

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