Barney Frank And Jared Polis Would Like You To Smoke The Good Shit

Yesterday Barney Frank and Jared Polis co-sponsored Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to allow states to “legalize, regulate, tax and control marijuana without federal interference.”

Did you hear that Andrew “Smokey the Bear” Sullivan? It’s time to pass the dutchy on the left hand side!

But why would gay lawmakers wanna promote the sticky icky icky?

Former Queerty editor and all around fabulous bitch Andrew Belonsky has some thoughts:

In abstract terms, medical marijuana and gay rights aren’t that different. They’re both fine examples of federalism: gay equality has civil unions, employment non-discrimination, and a rare marriage law, while medical marijuana contest decriminalization, legalization, dispensaries and taxation.

Belonsky goes on to say that he expects marijuana legalization to sweep the country before marriage equality because marijuana has a tangible business side via dispensaries, because marijuana legalization appeals to anti-war types who have tired of the “War on Drug’s” violence, and because weed has medical use without as many moral hangups as same-sex marriage.

Maybe Frank and Polis figure no one will care about keeping queers from marrying and holding jobs if they’re all busy eating Cheezy Poofs in their undies and watching Adult Swim…. like Andrew Sullivan probably does.