Signs On As Economic Adviser

Barney Frank Comes Out For Clinton

No doubt Democrat Hillary Clinton‘s a happy camper today. The Senator just got another homo-politico vote from Barney Frank, who proudly threw his political weight behind her candidacy yesterday.

Celebrating Clinton’s commitment to queer causes, Frank called the former first lady “the candidate best equipped to pass laws that will treat all Americans with dignity, fairness and equality no matter who they are or who they love.” The 67-year old politico continued:

I have from the beginning of this campaign believed that Hillary Clinton was the candidate best qualified to serve as president.

I am convinced that once elected, the qualities she will bring to the job — commitment, intellect and political skills — will make her an extremely effective leader in our effort to reverse the badly flawed course on which George Bush and past Republican Congresses have set this country.

She has shown an ability to fight for progressive values in a way that is capable of appealing to the majority of our fellow citizens, and I believe that she is both politically and substantively the candidate best qualified to be our nominee.

Frank isn’t the first gay politician to give Clinton a vote. Lesbian Representative Tammy Baldwin endorsed Clinton earlier this year, but made sure to object to Clinton’s civil union-centric gay politics. Frank neglected to address the matter, nor did he mention that his sister, Ann Lewis also works for the campaign.

In addition to giving Clinton his pink vote, Frank will work as her campaign’s economic adviser. Discussing the political moves yesterday, Senator Clinton had nothing but praise for Frank:

“I’m honored to have the support of one of the sharpest minds in Congress. Barney has devoted his life to championing economic fairness and civil rights and expanding opportunity for all Americans. I’m delighted he’ll take a leadership role in our campaign.

Oh, yes, we are, too! Actually, the idea of Frank and Clinton working together sort of gives us an erection. No, not really, but we bet it has done for a lot of other people, not least of all Hillary Clinton.