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Barney Frank Didn’t Mean to Criticize Obama, He Says While Criticizing Obama

Rep. Barney Frank is sometimes the White House’s golden retriever, and other times its rottweiler. Today, he’s the latter, who just happens to have rolled around in his own excrement.

Quoted by The Advocate today criticizing of the White House for dragging its feet on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Frank says he was actually talking about the Pentagon, whose budget bill is where he sees the only way to repeal the military law. Frank, meanwhile, indeed criticizes the White House in the same breath.

Frank has been down the “clarification” road before, to disastrous results.

Same story this time, since Frank’s criticism of the Pentagon is misplaced. Or at least immaterial After all, he’s the guy who says Congress will repeal DADT with or without the Pentagon.

In any case, there’s some sort of deadline this week? For the Pentagon? To release new guidelines about its “humane” implementation of DADT?