Barney Frank Not Happy About Interim Senate Seat Snub, Pulls The Gay Card

The Next Global Crisis: Barney FrankFormer Rep. Barney Frank was passed over for soon-to-be Secretary of State John Kerry’s vacant seat in the Senate by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who instead chose his former chief of staff, William “Mo” Cowan.

That particular ‘mo was not who Barney had in mind, and while he didn’t want to unlock the library and begin reading Patrick for the snub, Frank had a few words about the way the interim Senator was chosen.

“There was one thing that sort of troubled me in the discussion about it — nobody was particularly quoted; they attributed something to governor’s office and others — was that the governor would want to appoint someone who’s either a minority or a woman.” Frank told the Washington Blade. “And what troubled me is the question of LGBT people was just kind of swept out. I’ve never asked for any appointment based on me being gay, but when they begin talk about the importance of diversity and leave us out, that troubles me.”

According to the Blade, Cowan’s appointment was “hailed a milestone for diversity in terms of race because he’s black,” but Frank felt that those involved in the decision making process must have missed President Obama’s inaugural address.

“It’s almost as if some people didn’t listen to the president when he said, ‘Seneca, Stonewall and Selma,’ and didn’t hear the Stonewall part,” he said.

Frank added that being the first married, openly gay person in the Senate could have given the other Senators “an important lesson” to take home.

You hear that, Tammy Baldwin? It’s the sound of wedding bells. Too bad Wisconsin doesn’t have gay marriage (hint, hint).

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  • BJ McFrisky

    Lesson learned, Barney: Not all minorities are created equal. It will be a long time before the left wraps us in the same PC blanket that it does blacks.

  • Kieran

    I just spoke with the delightful Cissy Houston and she told me she’s ecstatic Deval snubbed the fag and picked a brotha.

  • Cam

    Barney Frank wanted gays to lobby for their rights like mining companies, and told gays that we were acting like children for Marching and demanding that Congress act.

    Now suddenly he’s pulling out the gay card……

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    As opposed to the right that wants us to not have rights, be fired from our jobs, and make our relationships illegal.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Cam: I’m not defending the Right’s history with us, because it’s abominable. I’m just saying that on the scale of political correctness, we’re not exactly at the top of the totem pole.

  • 2eo

    I see BJ is back now that the accusations of the group he is part of have had members arrested and convicted for child pornography crimes has fallen onto the second page.

    Kiddie fiddlers of the world unite, get Avenger here as well he’s into it too.

  • macmantoo

    Well at least he didn’t appoint a white straight guy. Face it, it had nothing to do with minorities, it had to do with the Governor paying back a friend. Get over it. I think we as gays make too much of little things and don’t come together on the big things.

  • Wilberforce

    Barney is so wrong to play this card.
    This is a main reason why the left is so weak. They promote from identity politics, not from merit. And it’s the reason that corporations are so efficient. They usually hire from merit.
    Ironically, Barney was the most qualified for the job. That’s why he should have been chosen. And that’s the argument he should have made.
    This identity politics junk has got to go, promoting the unqualified because they’re from the right group or are related to Nancy Pelosi. We’ll never get the best people to represent us so long as it’s an identity contest.

  • jack512

    Barney pulls a Romney: Unable to bow out gracefully. Too bad!!!

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