Barney Frank: Marching Does ‘Literally Zero to Influence Congress’

Cranky Congressman Barney Frank has taken some major heat for calling the National Equality March “useless.” He’s since tried to clarify his comments. Maybe one more time will do the trick?

In a brilliant 10-part Q&A with the members of Digg-esque site, Frank further explains: “The LGBT community is pursuing the wrong avenues. … Marches and demonstrations may energize participants. They do literally zero to influence Congress. … It becomes a substitute for what we really need done. … Marching may be fun, but it doesn’t do anything.”

Okay, that’s not further explanation, just repetition!

The problem with NEM, according to Frank? The masses don’t influence elected officials because these officials aren’t having pressure applied directly on them. All those thousands of people in D.C. could be from anywhere, representing whatever — but it doesn’t directly impact these politicians. Writing, calling, and meeting with them, rather, is more effective.

Rather than carpooling to a march? Pool the names of your friends and start a phone bank.