Barney Frank On Pot

Massachusetts Representative and long-time marijuana advocate Barney Frank got people high and bothered this weekend. The homo-politico told Bill Maher – and the world – that he plans to introduce legislation decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. The matter, he says, should be left to individual states and leaves more energy for pressing matters, like actual criminals. Plus, no one gives a damn about Mary Jane. criminals.

Explains Frank:

Do you really think people should be prosecuted for smoking marijuana? I don’t think most people agree with that. It’s one area where the public is ahead of the elected officials. It does not appear to me to be a law that society is serious about.

Frank’s bill would effectively remove the federal government from the herb battle, which includes DEA raids on medical marijuana outposts in California. That, of course, ain’t groovy for people in chronic pain.

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