Barney Frank: Trans Activists’ All Or Nothing Mentality Is Ridiculous, Political Stupidity

No, I would say ridiculous trans activists who are outraged [that the recent Maryland trans bill includes employment, housing and other protections but not public accommodations protections], who would prefer there be no rights for employment than this. That is an example of their political stupidity. They may be very bright about other things. I don’t see how anybody can see that as a rational argument right now, nor, by the way, do I think it represents five percent of our community. I don’t even think it represents a majority of the transgender people. How can it possibly be—and by the way, these people don’t know history, because I will tell you that Martin Luther King and the other civil rights leaders would not for a second have hesitated to accept that deal.

– Retiring U.S. Representative for Massachusetts Barney Frank discussing trans rights and the future of the LGBT movement with The Washington Blade.