Barney Frank Vs. Mitt Romney

Barney Frank

One of our favorite political heroes, out congressman Barney Frank, has been pretty vocal these days. In an interview with the AP he talks gay marriage, his own future ambitions, and rips into who we predict could one day be an even stronger gay foe this year and beyond, Massachusetts governor (and potential 2008 Presidential candidate) Mitt Romney.

Frank said Romney is targeting conservatives who dominate the Republican presidential primary process, trying to become the right-wing alternative to U.S. senator John McCain of Arizona. “Romney sees himself as having the best chance to be an alternative to McCain,” Frank said. “He’s moved way conservative. That’s his strategy.” Frank said he was not bothered by Romney’s frequent out-of-state trips to test the presidential primary waters. “What hurts the state is his belittling of the state–his caricaturing and stereotyping of the state,” he said. “That’s damaging.”

You go, Barney! Show him who is boss! Too bad this country isn’t ready for a queer in the White House. We’d so vote for Barney Frank in 2008.

Frank denounces groups trying to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts [The Advoacte]