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Barney Frank: We’ve Have Been Showering With Gays At Campuses And Congresses Across America

Not only did Rep. Barney Frank use yesterday’s House DADT repeal ceremony to expose what’s really behind the “radical homosexual agenda” (bottom video), but he also took the time to remind a CNS reporter that the end of the law doesn’t mean soldiers will suddenly start showering with gays. BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT FOREVER. Just like congressmen and athletes. All the law does, really, is provide the chance for gays to identify themselves while swapping soaps.

“People that don’t want to shower with gay people,” says Frank, “better not play sports, better not belong to gym, better not go to colleges where not everybody has their own bathroom.” And on that note: Okay Lindsey Graham, who’s been sharing your shower?

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  • Tallskin

    The boy doing the interview in the first clip is not very bright, is he?

    Watching the arguments from this side of the pond offered forth by the opponents of gay equality I have to say I am not impressed by their intellectual strength.

  • John J.

    @Tallskin: If openly gay and straights are going to shower together then men and women would be the next logical step of showering together. (Think of the money it would save in facilities)

    We’re talking gender preference here. A straight man doesn’t doesn’t get excited by a gay man but gays by definition can be excited by and attracted to another male. Straight men don’t have the same equality. They have no opportunity to look at a naked body in the shower and appreciate it the way they could if men and women showered together.

    Heterosexual equality in the shower! I want equality with gays. To have the possibility of being attracted to a naked body in the shower (for me female).
    Time to start showering together, men, women, gay & lesbian.

  • just sayin

    Hey John, going by what your words reveal about your personality, you can safely stand in a shower until you’re a wrinkled up little prune, cuz nobody is going to ever be interested in you.

  • Maxx E Padd

    Isn’t this just about dick? Those who are embarrassed by their own and those who are afraid to see that they don’t measure up to yours. It a cock it isn’t going to attack you. These people need to get over themselves. Seriously who is more obsessed by dicks, straight men or gay men?

  • scribe

    I work at a job where you need to shower at work everyday (regional waste water). The shower and locker room is in a very small area. Everyday I shower with about thirty to forty other men. Its all about being adult. I have never once became erect seeing a co-worker. I take off my clothes, get under the shower and mind my business trying to talk as little as possible. Co-workers I am attracted try to I avoid, so not to take advantage to see them nude. I respect my fellow workers and I hope they respect me

  • Daez

    @Tallskin: Actually, he is extremely bright. The comments he was reading weren’t very bright, but he is doing his job. Maybe we spent to much time watching Maddow and Oberman, but real journalists report the news instead of commenting on it or sharing their own personal views.

  • Daez

    @John J.: Countless studies have shown that “straight” men really do get turned on by the penis of other males (hence why straight porn shows so many penis shots) and if you are truly secure in your sexuality you will admit that. Similarly, there are occasions when gay men are turned on by women. Being gay/straight has much less to do with who you want to fuck than it does with who you want to love and spend your life with.

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