let's get soapy

Barney Frank: We’ve Have Been Showering With Gays At Campuses And Congresses Across America

Not only did Rep. Barney Frank use yesterday’s House DADT repeal ceremony to expose what’s really behind the “radical homosexual agenda” (bottom video), but he also took the time to remind a CNS reporter that the end of the law doesn’t mean soldiers will suddenly start showering with gays. BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT FOREVER. Just like congressmen and athletes. All the law does, really, is provide the chance for gays to identify themselves while swapping soaps.

“People that don’t want to shower with gay people,” says Frank, “better not play sports, better not belong to gym, better not go to colleges where not everybody has their own bathroom.” And on that note: Okay Lindsey Graham, who’s been sharing your shower?