Barney Frank’s Candid Conversation About Being Fat. Oh, And Getting a Cabinet Post


Before he’ll “let” President Obama nominate him to be Housing and Urban Development secretary, Rep. Barney Frank wants two more years in Congress with the current commander-in-chief and Democrats controlling the legislature. And then he’ll be ready to make history.

The 15-term Frank says he’s after the Cabinet position, but not just yet. In Barney Frank, The Story of America’s Only Left-handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman (a book political wonks have been expecting for months and months), Frank’s former staffer Stuart Weisberg spends 501 pages skipping through the congressman’s life, including what he ultimately wants for his legacy: to be the first openly gay American to serve in the cabinet. This, as we’re certain readers will remind us, is a big deal!

But the tome is worth picking up for other reasons. Namely, for the scandal! Frank, who participated in the book and was interviewed for it, talks about his prostitution “incident.” Also in there: his struggle with weight loss. And finding clothes that fit him. Which sounds like all the crap your average gay guy has to deal with. Except for the “wanting to be a Cabinet member” thing. And, okay, some of us don’t mix company with hookers.