Signs Onto Tammy Baldwin's Team

Barney Frank’s Pro-Trans Flip Flop

A little over a week after endorsing an orientation-only ENDA, homo-politico Barney Frank’s changing his stance. The Representative from Massachusetts released a statement supporting colleague Tammy Baldwin’s trans-inclusive amendment.

The decision to offer such an amendment came out of a Caucus which Chairman George Miller held of the Democratic Members of the Education and Labor Committee. After some discussion, it became clear that offering such an amendment would offer us the best chance to achieve Speaker Pelosi’s goal of adopting in the House the most inclusive ENDA bill for which majority support existed.

we will now be able to [discuss the matter] in a procedural setting that allows us to maximize support for an inclusive bill without endangering our chances of getting any bill at all.”

So, he wouldn’t step up and fight for trans rights last week, but now that someone else did the dirty work, he’s all about it? Forgive us for not applauding.