Baseball Star Pitcher’s Drag Photos Exposed During Twitter Tirade

Baseball players do the damndest things. During a Tweet war with Texas Ranger’s pitcher Matt Garza, Oakland A’s second baseman Eric Sogard brought things to a sudden halt by uploading incriminating (or complementary, depending on your point of view) pics of Garza when he played with for the Minnesota Twins. Garza donned some pretty bad drag as part of a rookie hazing ritual, although he hardly seems to object, if the big smile is any indication. (Sadly, we have no idea who the wicked witch next to him is.)

We are not at all impressed with Garza’s baseball player body. We can find way better at the local Gold’s Gym, although those boys are less likely to come with multimillion dollar contracts…

Garza in baseball drag

Anyhow, the conflict broke out when the diminutive, bespectacled Sogard bunted home a run in a game against rival Texas. Garza, known for his inability to field bunts (bunts are sorta mini hits usually dropped in front of the mound. Mounds are… Oh, forget it.), screamed “pussy” at Sogard as he ran past Garza to first base. Sogard’s tactic worked to perfection, but apparently in Garza’s world, bunting is not masculine because it does not require a full butch swing at the ball.

Eric Sogard

Hence, Garza’s comuppance was entirely appropriate. Score one for Sogard! (It has nothing to do with the fact that we are fans of the Oakland A’s, who are currently leading the American League West by two games over the Rangers.)

But our favorite part of the whole caper occurred when Ron Washington, the Ranger’s 61-year-old manager, was asked bout the conflict:

“What’s Twitter?”


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  • MikeE

    bunting IS a pussy move.

  • middleagespread

    You may not be impressed by him, but I sure am! Team Garza!!

  • QJ201

    that’s not drag, that’s idiocy

  • David

    Mike – two things – first of all bunting is a strategy in baseball to move a player over. If you watch baseball you would understand that. Second of all – a pussy move? WTF? Seriously dude? I expect that sort of lame comment on the regular boards but not on a LGBT site. Guess it goes to show that not all members of the LGBT community operate on full batteries.

  • Cam


    No, losing when you could have won by bunting is a pussy move. IF that guy doesn’t like it, then he needs to get off his ass and learn how to field a bunt better.

  • gjg64

    @David: He was being sarcastic….he was paraphrasing Garza.

  • gjg64

    @MikeE: Not if it brings in a run AND the batter is safe at first….it’s called winning!

    Finally, as a born and bread Cardinals fan anything that humiliates the Rangers is fine in my book!

  • Kangol

    He’s a cutie.

    Who’s the rookie with the Afro/Carifro in the bottom of the collage photo?

  • susansylvester

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