Based On New Teasers, What Will The New “American Horror Story” Be About?

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Demonoid hands reach out from stairwells. Babies wail from inside creaky carriages, possibly responding to the mawkish folksy humming. A serpent streaks determinedly through a woman’s hair, disappearing into her agape mouth; almost never a good omen. A family with red eyes stares fondly at you. Buzzing chainsaws and screams ring out from a ramshackle house. And a bald man clutches his skull, where the number “26” is writ out in stitches and scar tissue.

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That’s the imagery producers are taunting us with over at American Horror Story, which kicks off its sixth season on September 14th. But what does it all mean? Will the next season be a delirious mashup of Rosemary’s Baby, The People Under The Stairs, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Village of the Damned, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Frankenstein?

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Let’s hope not, because that sounds godawful.

What do you make of these hints?