OH Student Gets 90 Days In Juvie For Video Gay Bashing

Remember the 15-year-old Ohio student who beat the crap out of his gay classmate on a Facebook video? His name is Levi Sever, he’s 15 years old and he just plead guilty to assault. He’ll get 90 days in juvie and mandatory counseling for whatever mental issue causes people to beat the crap out of gay kids.

Imagine if the video of the attack had not existed. Be sure to thank Sever’s cousin for recording it.

Image via Vectorportal

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  • bagooka

    I wonder what the counseling will be like.

  • Ray

    Three months? That’s it? What where are the hate crimes charges?

  • tallskin2

    This is truly excellent news. A small sentence but at least it will serve as an example to the others

  • John K.

    I think this is about right.

  • btseven

    Three months?! What about the lifetime of mental anguish that the victim will suffer? It should be 3 months plus 2080 hours of community service to help the LGBT community in whatever roles they see for him.

  • Michael

    Why aren’t hate crime charges being brought against this kid???

  • Fitz

    Make a note of it’s name in your calendar programs, and
    make sure you start re-publishing this story in 2-3 years, to
    make sure it can’t get into a good school or get a decent job.
    And if some school DOES let it in, make it a PR nightmare.

  • LukeM

    90 days in juvie is pretty traumatic for a 15 year old kid so I don’t think the sentence is to light. We don’t make whole, complete people who don’t beat the crap out of gays by taking them away from their families and lives for any longer than that. Time moves slowly when you’re young.

  • B

    Editorial comment about the title: the kid is not going to the hoosegow for a “video gay bashing” but for an actual gay bashing in which there was a video used as evidence. Titles can be seen by people who have not seen the original or full story first, so it is better if they are not misleading.

    A better (i.e., clearer) title would have been, “OH student gets 90 days in juvie for gay bashing caught on video”

  • TGM

    @B: additionally, the past-tense of “plead” is “pleaded” or “pled”. But thanks to Queerty for this important update all the same =)

  • TGM

    @TGM: OOPS! I should not have hyphenated “past tense”.

  • Gabe

    It sad that he had so little time. But it’s also sad that there are no laws protecting the gay community in Ohio. It’s sick that a person can beat another senseless and not be charged with a hate crime.

  • Aurora

    WTB hate crime legislation for sexuality.

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