Basketballer John Amaechi, “I’m Gay”.

There’s been much speculation the past few weeks that a major sports figure would soon reveal his cock sucker status. Well, the wait’s over because former NBA baller John Amaechi‘s made it official. The Times reports:

John Amaechi, a former NBA player and England basketball international, is to publish a book next week in which he will reveal he is gay.

The autobiography, entitled Man in the Middle, will detail his six seasons in the world’s leading basketball league and its release is being eagerly awaited in the United States .

The publishers of the book, ESPN, have refused to reveal the identity of the author although it it understood he will appear on their television station and in their magazine next week in advance of the February 20 publication date.

American born, Europe-raised Amaechi’s the first b-baller to come out in American history, paving the way for what can hope will become a more gay-friendly cultural arena.

Amaechi got his start with the Cleveland Cavaliers way back in 1995, but left the team to go play back in Europe. He didn’t return to the American courts until 1999, when he joined the Orlando Magic, with whom he played for two years before being traded to Utah’s Latter Day Saints owned, Jazz. It’s here, Amaechi’s book alleges, that he found an adversary in the form Coach Jerry Sloan. According to The Times, Amaechi writes,

Unbeknownst to me at the time. Sloan had used some anti-gay innuendo to describe me. It was confirmed via e-mails from friends who worked in high-level front-office jobs with the Jazz.

Despite working in such a testosterone filled enviornment, Amaechi didn’t pile himself in the closet. While he certainly wasn’t open about his proclivity for the penis, he also didn’t feel the need to hide behind a curtain of heterosexuality, leading many to assume him a homo from the get-go. According to OutSports, who obtained a copy of the book, Amaechi writes:

By the end of my second Utah season, I was practically daring reporters to take the bait and out me. But it never happened. My sexuality, I felt, had become an open secret, which was fine by me. I’d left enough open to interpretation that suspicions were gaining momentum.

Well now all that energy’s going to be released. And in a big way…

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