Bass’ Beau Has A Wife

Lance Bass’ new boyfriend, Sebastian Leal, has a wife. Yep, you read that right. The personal trainer, who has been dating the former boy bander for a few weeks, married a woman nine years ago and failed to get a divorce.

Leal, who is Italian but was born and raised in Brazil, married US citizen Jessica Gannon nine years ago – and never got a divorce. The two separated three years ago, due to what Gannon told us through a rep were “irreconcilable differences.” She added, “We continue to love each other. He was, is and always will be my best friend.” One pal of Bass and Leal told us the news will be no shock to Bass because “Lance and Sebastian are very open with each other and have no secrets.” A rep for Bass, who contacted Leal as well, declined to comment.

So, why didn’t the couple get a divorce? We don’t know, but we bet because it wasn’t as convenient as getting married…