‘Bat Boy’ Turns Prop. 8 Protester

It’s taken just two weeks for the protests against Prop. 8 to go from historical moment to Weekly World News pop-culture parody, which has to be a record. There really needs to be some sort of index based off of the time it takes between an event happening and the moment a Bat Boy article is done about said event.

We know that this is not news and that half of you will call the article’s mention of how “legalizing gay marriage is one step closer to allowing [interspecial] unions to be officially recognized” homophobic and a detriment to the cause, but did you see how Bat Boy has “Prop 8” with a big red ‘X’ painted on his chest?

We’re pleased that Bat Boy has joined with us in supporting marriage equality for all and that “while Bat Boy was unable to convey his feelings through words, he did send his high-pitched squeaks of dissent echoing across the plaza.”