Batman And Superman Get The Steamy Gay Hollywood Treatment

Holy macaroni! Our biggest adolescent fantasy has finally come true: Batman and Superman. Together. Sexually.

We just discovered a fake movie trailer for Man of Steel 2: The Secret is Out released by the French comedy channel It’s Big! It features some serious sexual tension between superheroes Batman and Superman. (Poor Robin totally gets the shaft. He’s downgraded from being Batman’s boy toy to being his coffee bitch instead.)

The three-minute trailer depicts Batman, looking hotter than ever in his tight black superhero costume with pointy bat ears, struggling with his forbidden feelings for Superman, who’s much more open about his feelings.

“Every hero has a secret,” the voiceover narrates. “But when it becomes too difficult to keep and the word starts to spread, they have to accept what they truly are.”

The two men eventually meet on a rooftop where, well, let’s just say things get a bit heated.

Check out the trailer for Man of Steel 2: The Secret Is Out below.