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Battle of the Gays for a $100,000 Comp’d Wedding: Mikey Rox & Earl vs. Gregory & Jonathan

Mikey Rox, who has a name we’re convinced he created just so anyone addressing him would have to vocalize how utterly awesome he is, this month proposed to his partner Earl via YouTube. And Earl accepted, via Facebook. Ador, right? Well now they’re trying to get a large corporate home goods retailer to pay for their wedding. And dammit, don’t we love a feel good romance that’s backed by a gay design favorite.

Crate & Barrel is offering a $100,000 grand prize to the winner of its Ultimate Wedding contest, and as it stands, Mikey and Earl are in fourth place. Understand, we get pitched a dozen times a day to highlight some contest one of our readers entered, and while we wish we could shower you all with attention, it would just devalue the posts where we’re actually thrilled to throw you some free press.

Which is why we’re getting behind Mikey and Earl’s $100,000 attempt to get a Crate & Barrel to give them the wedding of their dreams, which they promise, if they come true, “(1) the celebration will kick off on the open-air terrace of Inside Park, a beautiful venue adjacent to St. Bart’s Cathedral on Park Ave; (2) comedienne Kathy Griffin will warm up the crowd before we arrive by yellow cab; and (3) as we share our love with family and friends, Grammy Award-winning singer Michael Buble will perform his hit song ‘Everything’ to commemorate our first dance.” And we’re all invited, right?

You can vote for Mikey and Earl here.

But be forewarned: They’re going up against another gay couple. Gregory and Jonathan are in the No. 2 spot right now, and their photo is just as cute. These two “want a simple, but elegant affair at an outdoor vineyard in the DC area with our family and friends from across the country. Our family and friends are very important to us and our dream day would not be complete unless we were surrounded by all of them. And we want all of these people to be able to celebrate our love for each other and enjoy a memorable occasion.”

Of course, once they win they’re going to ask that you select gifts from their C&B registry …

Either way, of course we have to make sure the gays win. But if you have to choose between Mikey & Earl or Gregory & Jonathan, who would you pick?

UPDATE: We missed out on mentioning Emily & Rachael, who are currently in eighth place. You can vote for them on C&B’s site here; unfortunately editing our own poll completely resets it. But we didn’t mean to look over our gals who want to have their ceremony “outdoors with a chic and intimate after party. Mediterranean finger foods is number one on our wish list to implement one of our favorite types of food that’s simple for all of our guests to eat. We’d like the reception to be a cocktail party setting with music selected primarily by us but with a D.J. to coordinate it all. The days garments are of the utmost import, a haute yet functional dress for Emily and a Prada suit for Rachel- this detail is non-negotiable!”