Battle Of The Insta Abs: Colton Haynes, Chord Overstreet, Aaron Schock Go Shirtless This #InstaWeek

The week that brought you bro cuddles and eventual full-frontal Zac Efron nudity will forever be known as the Week of Deleted Instagram. Check out the posts that were yanked from the Internet below.

Zachary Quinto proves he’s still hot af in a new mirror selfie.

Tom Daley role plays a hunky fighter pilot in a new promo for Tom Daley Goes Global.

Glee hunk Chord Overstreet lets his abs run wild on the Paramount Pictures lot.

New gay power couple alert?! In our dreams 🙁

Olympic diving twink and owner of Team GB’s greatest ass Jack Laugher shared several shots this week with fellow Team GB heartthrob Chris Mears. Tease.


Closeted Rep. Aaron Schock defended his right to post incredibly flattering action shots on Instagram this week. Watch him serve gayface in his explanation to MSNBC.


Not to be outdone by his ongoing “gay sex art project” featuring nude shots of Seth Rogen, misunderstood poet/artist James Franco posted a nude selfie to Instagram and quickly deleted it at 1am. Bless.


The week of Deleted Instagram also brought Colton Haynes‘ glorious nipples on an Australian beach. In a highly scientific poll conducted by Queerty shortly after, Haynes was dubbed the best male celebrity nipples in Hollywood.

He also worked on perfecting the flag.

Kathy Griffin shows off her bangin’ bikini bod before taping her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week.

Blake Skjellerup and boyfriend Saul Carrasco’s submission for the infamous “Boyfriend Twin” tumblr.

Kylie Minogue removed her shoes to lose it in the music on the dancefloor.

Andy Cohen goes shirtless again for some puppy kisses.

Soccer stud Anton Hysén invents the crotch selfie, a movement we can really get behind.

The impossibly beautiful Scott Eastwood announces his breakout role as a lead in the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation of “The Longest Ride”. Insert gay sex joke here.

Lana Del Rey debuts the tranquil sounds from her forthcoming album, Ultraviolence.